The Smurfs Launch an Innovative, Fully On-chain Gamification Platform and Set New Standards for Traditional Brands Who Wish to Enter Web3.

Over the past few days, thousands of NFT enthusiasts have converged toward a new phenomenon. The Smurfs’ Society, which is currently only available to a limited group of Web3 insiders until its public release in early 2023, is a fully on-chain, immersive, gamified experience. Despite a ‘soft launch,’ The Smurfs’ Society saw over 20,000 wallets connect to the platform in less than 48 hours and execute over 200,000 on-chain transactions in a few days.

Unlike many traditional entertainment icons who rushed their first steps into Web3 following last year’s NFT fever, the team of the project has taken the time to build a rich, thoughtful venture that could inspire the many brands looking to set foot in the Web3 world in the coming months and years.

An interactive NFT universe dedicated to building value in the community

With the release of their new platform, The Smurfs’ Society is pushing the boundaries of Web3 and its communities by transforming NFT collections into a fully gamified, immersive experience.

Up until now, the most innovative Web3 projects mainly offer token-gated platforms and interactions as benefits to members who have already purchased from their collection. But The Smurfs’ Society has designed an entire game accessible before the sale where players can actually connect, claim free NFTs and participate in one of the very first fully on-chain experiences.

On their journey, members are encouraged to work together to help save the Smurfs through virtual treasure hunts, cryptography-inspired riddles, and a cutting-edge magic potion-making adventure where all the ingredients are Non-fungible tokens. These steps give users a chance to win guaranteed, discounted access to the main NFT collection in early 2023 through an interactive, sequential process. In addition to making members a part of the universe and not just consumers, it encourages engagement and strengthens collaboration, building value in the community itself and leveraging the concept of collective intelligence.

A collective of web3 entrepreneurs building on the iconic smurfs brand

At the heart of the project is a collective of Web3 entrepreneurs with business and artistic backgrounds joining forces to develop their one-of-a-kind vision to transcend Web3.

They were looking for a brand that was the perfect combination of being universally known, loved by all generations on every continent, and consistent with their project of serving the greater good. One brand ticked all the boxes: The Smurfs.

Over the past 65 years, the Smurfs have been immensely successful. Comic books, animated series, and movies have turned the Smurfs into one of the most recognizable and celebrated global entertainment IPs. The brand has also transformed its success into a formidable platform to promote positive societal and environmental values, supporting dozens of initiatives and becoming a United Nations ambassador for their 17 Sustainable Development Goals since 2015.

Both the founders of the Smurfs’ Society and owners of the Smurfs’ IP agreed that the partnership was a perfect fit and quickly decided to move forward with an ambitious plan.

The team of 25+ Web3 minds is located throughout Europe, Asia and the United States. They’re working on crafting the 12,500 full procedural 3D rendered NFT collection and the many cutting-edge developments planned to be released throughout 2023, including collaborations with famous contemporary artists and partnerships with leading Web3 stakeholders such as Lens Protocol, The Sandbox, ZenGo and many others.

Whether or not this adventure becomes the first literal ‘Blue’ chip NFT collection in the coming months, the fact that a traditional iconic brand has already managed to transcend the Web3 standards perfectly corroborates the Smurfs’ Society’s motto, Together, invincible. This is a vibrant confirmation for those who feel that our greatest strengths lie in our collaboration.

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