The Smurfs’ Society Partners with P00ls to Kick Off Its Utility-Enabled NFT Program.

For the past three months, The Smurfs’ Society has been shaking the emerging Web3 world. They have shown that a traditional brand can understand, embrace and build on the values of Web3 communities. From day one, they’ve demonstrated a will to innovate and expand the horizon for NFT-based projects.

One example of how they’re breaking the mold is with the fully on-chain game that they launched as a replacement to the classic White-list/Allow-list process that grants users priority rights to access the release of the collection (the drop). Over 85,000 wallets have connected to the platform to mix and combine NFT ingredients, hoping to find magic recipes and mint Access Crystals, which are the allow-list tickets to the mint.

These Crystals guarantee their owners a spot to purchase (mint) NFTs at a discount from the Legendary collection of Smurfs PFPs, coming in April. At the time of the publication of this article, over 2,300 individual holders have minted 5,000 crystals from the game or purchased them from other collectors on the secondary market (over 168 ETH worth of crystals were already traded by mid-March, all before the mint).

The P00LS drop: Rewarding Smurfs’ access crystal holders

In late February, The Smurfs’ Society announced a partnership with P00LS, the premier token platform for brands and creators, to reward the owners of access crystals with P00LS’ own community token, $00.

The $00 token is the master key to all creators and brands in the P00LS ecosystem. Holders of $00 have a role in shaping the future of P00Ls' ZeroZero world, can vote on DAO proposals, have access to exclusive utilities as well as a treasury of creator tokens, and can make decisions about new tokens in the ecosystem. Creators on P00LS include soccer legend Ronaldinho and international DJs and music producers Carlita and BLOND:ISH, among others. 

On February 19th, all holders of Smurfs’ Society access crystals had the opportunity to receive 100 $00 tokens. They then had 14 days to log onto the P00LS platform and claim their prize.

Hugo Renaudin, CEO of P00LS said ‘Only Web3 can offer such a frictionless connection between communities, artists, brands, and decentralized finance. We’ve been thrilled to collaborate very early on with the Smurfs, a true cultural and entertainment icon from the traditional world, that shares similar values of innovating and moving the boundaries.”

The first drop of an ambitious utility program

For the Smurfs’ Society, this partnership is the perfect preamble to their upcoming drop, and a perfect way to showcase a strong will to attach concrete utility to their NFTs, which will be a major driver of the long-term financial value of the NFT collection, and focused on four main categories: brand partnerships, gamification, artists collaborations, and sustainable impact.

The Smurfs’ Society is also about rewarding its community in fun and unique ways. In addition to free drops and special access to partners like P00LS, there will be individual perks and benefits attached to the 200 characters of the collection (announced between now and the reveal of the NFTs in late spring ‘23).

On March 28th, a unique Auction will be held for the drop of a brand new NFT Smurf Character, Hacker Smurf, created for the purpose of the Web3 game. It will be attached to a series of five exclusive perks, giving just a taste of things to come.

Now is still early to join the Smurfs’ Society

Although the Smurfs’ Society already has some great traction (TOP100 DappRadar in Feb’23, TOP10 polygon sales on OpenSea in Mar’23) and the first gamification phase is over, the project is still in its early stages, so it’s a good time to join and get a chance to participate in the mint and enjoy the collection’s perks and utilities.

The best way to secure your spot and guarantee your chance to get an NFT from the Legendary Collection is to purchase an access crystal from the secondary market: On Rarible or OpenSea.


You can also get involved by joining the Discord server or following the project on Twitter, that way you’ll be informed of all the news and drop dates: the Hacker Smurf Sale (English auction), Bucket Auction (collective auction), and Crystal Sale (reserved sale for access crystals holders) are all coming in April ‘23 (check the Roadmap for more details).

A Blue Road Ahead

Overall, this project has so much to offer the Web3 space, but it's also a way to make Web3 a little more mainstream. By taking the iconic Smurfs' brand and partnering with Web3 builders like P00LS, we're proving that bringing traditional brands into this space is not only possible, but will help fuel further innovation. The Smurfs’ Society is just getting started.

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