At NFT Paris, The Smurfs’ Society and Famous Artist André Saraiva Are Fighting Ocean Pollution and Collaborating on a Live Art Performance Using Recycled Plastic

For their NFT Paris event at the Grand Palais Ephémère, The Smurfs’ Society is hosting a live performance by street artist André: Smurf statues made of recycled plastic will be 3D printed, painted, and auctioned off to finance initiatives dedicated to protecting the oceans.

We are The Smurfs’ Society, the official Web3 project of the Smurfs. We’re taking the Smurfs' values and bringing them to Web3 with the most ambitious NFT collection launched by any brand. In February 2023, just two months after we launched an innovative on-chain game, we made it onto DappRadar’s Top100 list as one of the most active Web3 communities globally, and all before the collection has been released. Our mission is to harness the power of digital communities and unite collective interests with individual rewards to inspire, fund, and drive positive actions for our blue planet.

To celebrate our launch, we’re taking our iconic brand to one of the most iconic cities in the world for the biggest Web3 event this year: NFT Paris. And who better to invite to the party than one of Paris’s own iconic street artists, André (and his graffiti alter-ego Mr. A). This larger-than-life event will be a preview of how we plan to carry out our mission of NFTs for positive action.

Our partner Colossus has collected recycled plastic sourced from recycling bins like the ones placed around the NFT Paris event and transformed it into a giant 3-meter-tall Smurf Sculpture. On Saturday, February 25th, André will give a unique live performance, painting the giant statue along with 6 smaller-scale statuettes at our booth. All the statues will then be attached to NFT certificates and auctioned on the platform Part of the proceeds will be donated to ocean protection initiatives.

This NFT auction will precede the sale of our PFP collection in Spring 2023. In addition to exceptional collaborations with prominent artists and partnerships with dozens of exclusive Web3 communities, the Smurfs’ Society PFPs will grant their owners access to an innovative collaborative platform to source and finance initiatives to protect our Blue planet.

Come meet us at our booth at NFT Paris (booth #38) or follow the performance and auction live online.

About The Smurfs’ Society:

The Smurfs’ Society is the official Web3 project by entertainment icon The Smurfs. The innovative combination of an immersive, fully on-chain gamification platform and a 12,500 3D NFT collection created in collaboration with famous contemporary artists. Operated by a collective of Web3 builders from all over the world, the project aims to unite collective interests with individual rewards to inspire, fund, and drive positive actions for our blue planet.


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