Poseidon DAO Genesis Project
May 25th, 2022

In line with its value proposition, Poseidon DAO announced the launch of Genesis artworks.

After the success of the sale of the first derivative artwork, in collaboration with Niro Perrone, Poseidon DAO is about to launch its first Genesis artwork in collaboration with Cracking Art.

What is the Genesis project?

As already mentioned previously in this article, in order to create value for its token holders and bring as much benefit as possible to the NFT ecosystem in general, Poseidon DAO is committed to selecting talented artists and photographers who come from the so-called traditional art world to accompany them in the art world on blockchain.

Nowadays, in fact, the world of traditional art and NFT still speak too little: Poseidon DAO is therefore proposed as a bridge between the two worlds, facilitating the entry of physical artists in the art world on blockchain, giving them prominence through their own social media and making them known in the crypto environment, often ignorant of traditional art. Not only that: if necessary, the board of Poseidon is ready to guide the selected artists step by step in the sale of their works.

Cracking Art preview
Cracking Art preview

What is Cracking Art

The first partnership of the Genesis project is with Cracking art, a collective known all over the world for its installations of different colored plastic animals in the most varied places. The artistic conception of cracking art is so explained: "The name "Cracking Art" comes from the English verb "to crack", which expresses the state of being split, broken, cracked, or crashed. This catalytic cracking, as the name suggests, is also the term for the chemical reaction that occurs when converting raw crude oil into plastic. For the artists, it represents the instant when something natural becomes artificial and is the reason why they seek to seize that very moment in their art form." Ecological and environmental issues are very important for the collective: it is no coincidence that the first NFT is called SOS World and represents a futuristic Venice, submerged by water where plastic turtles swim.

The Cracking Art NFT will be undermined on Thursday, May 26 through the Poseidon DAO foundation account. Also in this case, as with the BAYC 5899 derivative, during the auction, all bidders will be eligible for receiving Poseidon DAO tokens in airdrop in their wallet. Further updates will follow on our Twitter and Discord pages

Upcoming artists of the Genesis project

In addition to Cracking Art, three other artists will be launched as part of the Genesis project: Paulo Renftle, a photographer famous for many big brands advertising campaigns, from luxury watches to luxury cars, Marco Grassi, a painter who manages to expose the female soul in metal plates and Davide Jelmini, a naturalist photographer who, creates abstract images with a strong visual impact by mirroring his photographs.

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