#DeCats continues: $DECATS coin launch!

DeBankers and cat lovers, you are fucking crazy! Meow 😻

Started as a Detox from DeBank it came to something completely different - and as usual for me in a incredible fast time:

When I decided to only post cat pictures on DeBank, it turned out that cats are also a popular content in DeBank. It developed very fast to a meme, driven by some members of ex DeBank Telegraph (see my yesterdays post).

This -and even recent discussions about scammers and rug pulling multi millionaire accounts on DeBank- motivated me and the former DeBank Telegraph team to do something which we never planned before: we launch today a memecoin, $DECATS.

From DeBankers for DeBankers: $DECATS is the memecoin which will not get rug pulled or scammed like others on DeBank! You know what I mean, if you are an real DeBanker ;-)

We will show you, that not everything in Crypto space and DeBank needs to be a scam or rug pulled!

WAGMI!! Meow. 😻

Here the “hard” facts for MetaMask:

Chain: Polygon PoS

Contract: 0x198f1d316aad1c0bfd36a79bd1a8e9dba92daa18

Symbol: DECATS


Hard cap: 10,000 $DECATS

Initial price: 1$ (USDC)

Initial market cap: 10,000 $ (USDC)

Token mechanics: It is a simple token, no burning mechanism, no inflation or deflation, no stupid trading fees. Nothing crazy, just a simple and honest memecoin, made with passion and cat love.

Initial Token distributuion:

Liquidity providing: 7,200 $DECATS (72%, provided by various team members)

Marketing & Airdrop: 2,800 (28%)

$DECATS Team/Initial liquidity providers:

@domconex: 50% of the initial liquidity ($7,200) is provided and guaranteed by myself personally and therefore the coin is rug pull protected.

@Millionaire: $4,000

@LuxuryHomes: $2,000

@Mrpibby: $800

@Raul0287: $400

Where to buy/trade?

We are very happy to announce that our launch partner is VirtuSwap DEX on Polygon PoS.

Pool-Info: DECATS - USDC

Trade: VirtuSwap Interface

Other exchanges may follow in the future. Roadmap t.b.d.

Official $DECATS Telegram goup:


Token tracker on Polygonscan:

Token holders:

VirtuSwap LP-Token Tracker (Liquidity holders):

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