mayk 2021 recap - a new music journey begins

Hi, we're 👋 – a community of musicians, music lovers, and NFT enthusiasts working to help everyone sing their own song and take the next step in their creative journey.

It all started a little more than a year ago in the midst of the COVID19 pandemic. We wanted to help people develop a new creative hobby during that time that would help take their mind off things and have fun. As hobby musicians and music lovers, we thought simpler music making tools on the platforms people used every day (starting with mobile) could help, and they did, with many new music creators finding their voice and creating new sounds.

Then, we started seeing music creators take their songs and share them not just on TikTok, but also mint them as NFTs.

The community helped light the path, with creators encouraging and collaborating with one another, remixing each other's works and discussing new music projects in discord. The community wanted their music to live in more places, so we made more tools to help them merchandise their songs on other platforms and to sell their songs as NFTs in our "Early Tapes" drop.

Music can be personal. It can be fun, niche and it can be collaborative. It can boost confidence, help find yourself and can even generate income. At the beginning of a music creator's journey, a low pressure environment to practice and a door to exciting opportunities ahead can be the push needed to keep going. With these learnings, we're excited to continue improving and developing creator tools with the community to create, connect, and celebrate a new whole wave of new songs with a relatable, new sound.

We want to lower the barrier to entry for music creation and distribution, and believe we can contribute meaningfully to the web3 ecosystem by focusing on the challenges faced by new music creators and connecting them to simple yet powerful solutions.

Specifically, this next year, we want to help more creators make & own their own songs with improved creation & attribution tools, fractional ownership of songs made together, and NFT marketplace integrations (with an eye towards reducing environmental impact with low gas & low carbon chains such as Solana, Polygon, Tezos and Avalanche). We are also interested in recognizing the contributions of listeners, supporters, and creators in the app with new features, rewards, and events to get together.

2021 has been a wild year of learnings, and as we look to 2022, we're excited to continue building audio tools for creators on the devices they use and tools for the community to engage even deeper, and would love to hear from those interested in web3 or music. Come join our discord to shape and share in the future of the platform as we continue developing.

We believe "with the right tools, anyone can". We're just getting started and are excited to engage and collaborate with the broader music + web3 communities to help early creators find their footing and the encouragement they need to make it. If this sounds like something you care about, please reach out!

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