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Blast Rewards Distribution Schedule

Last week, our Liquidity Launch Event concluded and over $9M worth of assets were migrated to MIMSwap. With this migration, 71% claimed their founder status which resulted in $4M magicLP locked for 3 months.

Unlocking the Ultimate Reward: The Final Call for Founder's Boost

As we stride into the groundbreaking Phase 3 and the launch of MIMSwap, the anticipation within our community reaches its peak. This pivotal moment not only marks a significant milestone in our journey but also heralds the last opportunity for our valued participants to secure a status:
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MIMswap LLE: Phase 2

MIMswap contracts are now ready to roll, and we are fully diving into Phase 2! This article outlines what Phase 2 entails as well as what to expect from the migration process between the Liquidity Launch Event (LLE) contracts and the live MIMswap pool.
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MIMSwap Migration and the Exclusive Founder Boost

As we approach the pivotal migration from the Liquidity Launch Event (LLE) to the MIMSwap pool, we are excited to announce an exclusive, one-time-only opportunity for our earliest supporters:
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Final Countdown to MIMSwap's Liquidity Launch Event

The Liquidity Launch Event (LLE) is drawing to a close in just under three days. Participants have already contributed over $6 million in USDB and $3.5 million in MIM, setting the stage for the launch of Abracadabra's innovative stableswap AMM with these contributions being transformed into Magic Liquidity Provider tokens (magic LPs).
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Blasting Off: Abracadabra’s deployment and Liquidity Launch Event

We’re thrilled to announce our expansion onto Blast L2, introducing a suite of innovations that promise to redefine your experience. In addition to Blast developer points, Abracadabra introduces Potion Points, our unique currency that lays the groundwork for an incoming SPELL airdrop upon the token's deployment on Blast.

Resilience Rising: Abracadabra DAO Next Steps - Full Speed Ahead

Dear Abracadabra Community,
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MIMnet Initiated: Abracadabra's DVN Revolution Begins!

In a notable advancement in omnichain application development, Abracadabra unveils MIMnet – a robust Decentralized Verifier Network (DVN) aimed at setting new standards for cross-chain compatibility in the crypto space.
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Unveiling the Magic

In DeFi, collaboration and innovation are not just buzzwords, they are the pillars on which groundbreaking projects are built. Today, we are diving deep into such a collaborative marvel: the partnership between Abracadabra, GMX and its infrastructure provider - Arbitrum.