MagicKLP, Abracadabra’s latest addition to its autocompounding lineup

This groundbreaking tool represents the inaugural native launch on the KAVA chain since the introduction of the Omnistable MIM. It aims to empower users to access attractive yields directly within the KAVA chain ecosystem!

In this article, we will thoroughly explore the distinctive qualities of our products and shed light on how magicKLP empowers users to take advantage of DeFi applications, revealing a range of exciting opportunities for generating yields.

Presenting magicKLP

MagicKLP is an auto compounder developed on top of Kinetix Finance KLP design, and marks the first Abracadabra auto compounding products launched natively on KAVA chain. MagicKLP is the first of a big push of products coming to KAVA later this quarter!

The rewards produced by KLP staking, given out in pKFI, KAVA and USDT will be auto compounded back into the users position thanks to the battle tested design pioneered by magicGLP and the other magic auto compounders in our lineup.

This auto-compounding effect not only increases your yearly APY, but it also allows you to enjoy a stress-free investment experience natively on KAVA chain. Say goodbye to the hassle of manually claiming rewards and hello to the magic of compounding returns with magicKLP.

magicKLP’s fee structure is simple – a fixed 1% protocol fee on magicKLP earnings!

MagicKLP is the perfect DeFi lego. Its value grows every rebalance, while still remaining a totally fungible token, that can be used and implemented in Lending Protocols, DEXs and other DeFi protocols seamlessly.

Using MagicKLP

Using magicKLP is simple and intuitive. Just head over to magicKLP staking page here, and fill in the amount of KLP tokens you wish to deposit.

After having approved spending, confirm the deposit transaction.

Just like that, you are now enjoying the autocompounding benefits brought by magicKLP!


Uncover the enchantment of passive income and harness the potential of magicKLP within the KAVA chain to optimise your earnings and immerse yourself in the world of DeFi like never before.

Visit to delve into the platform and seize the limitless prospects it offers.

For questions or assistance, join our lively community on Discord, where our team is prepared to support you throughout your journey.

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