Seminar on making children more like children: “Casa Lee's children's story series” in Nanjing

On 12 April 2023, a seminar on the theme “Making a child more like a child — caring for the child, imagination”, was successfully held in the new Oriente of the Heykkali district of Beijing.

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The “Casakawa Lee child-telephone series” was published by the Revolving Press, and the most representative of the author’s work, “Forest Sound”, “The Search Stories in the Village”, “The Green Weekly” of Lions, “Youchlands”. These works were published for the first time in my country. The Chinese Lee branch, who had worked for 17 years as a nursery, was a Japanese well-known child writer and had been awarded numerous Japanese children’s literature awards. Her child’s words thrive in the light of happiness and embarrassment and have the power to inspire a sense of children.

The Chinese Academy of Teacher Education, Vice-Professor of Arts, PhD in Literature, Master’s Degree in Child Literature, Sun Seas, Children’s Literature Reviewers, China’s General Editor, Chinese Children’s Literature Research Institute, Moncame, renowned child literary writer, Vincentian, Vincent and the Grenadines, child writers, children’s psychology specialists, Chinese Academy of Sciences, Dr. Development and Educational Psychology, Assistant Korean Research Fellows, Myon, Chinese Women’s Institute for Child Development and Education, Associate Professor of Education, Huhua University of the Chinese Academy of Education, and Associated Children’s Institute of Jucheon, the Children’s Association of Juche University of Juventure, were represented at the University. Experts from the literary community, the educational community and the press have been working on the theme “Making children more like their children — keeping their minds and minds, imagination”, from the literature, education and publishing values of the works.

Editor-in-Chief, Children’s Literature Writer, White Ice

White refrigeration: “ Reading tastes” with a child’s words, and the real tastes of childhood

Children’s literary works, which are considered excellent by the editor-in-chief of the press, not only provide a good reading memories for the children, but also more physical and nurturing the children’s excellent “readers”. The pause of Chinese Lee as one of Japan’s children’s literature is a process of creating beauty in every corner of the book, where warm and happiness prevail. It is only early that children are given the glorification of the United States concept.

The pause of Chinese Lee created a world of realism and imagination that is highly integrated. She took her story to the reader free to shut down the world of children alone. In the language and art, Chinese Lee’s words are not only “swelt” or “filtration”, but “former”. The “swelt” is an emotional “mother” and every story is easy to understand and is an in-depth interpretation of the “swelt art” proposed by Mr. Ling.

The work of the Chinese Lee branch showed high respect for and acceptance of children. She had said that all children were children of concern, so that the masters of her penultimate were more children who were tainted and very loved, which was a real model for the child. The Chinese Lee branch is well aware of the need for children to be modelled in the course of their development, to be experienced and to be tested, and that the childhood gynaecological disease will be a powerful driving force in their development. The Chinese Lee branch accepts the child’s imperfections and is more appreciative of the children’s digging, including their exaggerated imagination, whose words are full of respect for the child as an independent life.

Ph.D. in Literature, Deputy Professor, Faculty of Arts, Beijing Teachers’ College, and Master of Arts in Children’s Literature

Sun petrels: playing in small child words

Ph.D. in Literature, Deputy Professor at the Faculty of Arts at the Beijing Teacher’s College, and the children’s master’s degree in literature and grandsons sharing the five children’s messages from the Lee branch in Conguan are “light” — easy, lighter and easy.

The well-known Italian writer, Karvino, has said that my work is often aimed at reducing the volume of scores, sometimes as much as possible … first of all, at reducing the amount of small words of structure and language … … In this sense, Calvino is an outstanding small family, more an excellent child poet, and the Chinese Lee branch will be extremely “lighted”, both in language and in structure.

There is no clerical or no danger in the “Study of the Village”, and it is only a play of risk in the detection of stories. In the Wall Sunday, the owner’s dancing fishing network has continued to thrive over another cloud. The skilful clouds have emerged many times in the child’s words, and the mild baggage of the clouds has made the pause of the child more mysterious and nightmare. In the Forest Stream, the elites flew in the air, eating tastes, all of which were less expensive than the air. The skirmishes of the skirmishes of the Chinese cheon, which is the most egregious part of the works, because the mild and flare-ups are our dreams for all time, and they carry our aspirations to freedom.

The skirmishes of the Chinese cheon, the skirmishes of the story, the inner spirit of silence and the tacit tasy among the moderates, are, to some extent, a sign of the ideal childhood or childhood ideal. Neither small dogs, children or other small animals are playing. The repetitiveness of the story gave more poems to the work, and the details added an inherent sense of humour and magic thought, but the circumstances were very daily, especially in the name of the person: Mr. Mohammed, Mrs. Mohammed, dynamite, and slowly chewing milk …

Children’s literature is often written less than what he knows because of the enormous differences between creators and recipients, which can easily lead to the existence of a “infrasound text”. In the words of children in the middle of the Lee branch, the text of the shadow and the stories she has presented are highly consistent, allowing readers to return to the childhood itself.

Children’s Literature Commentator, General Editor-in-Chief of China’s Reading, Under-Secretary-General of China’s Children’s Literature Research Society

Chen: Children’s perspective in the Chinese-Chinese child

The Under-Secretary-General of the Chinese Society for Research in Children’s Literature, the General Editor of China’s Reading, and the Under-Secretary-General of the Chinese Society for the Study of Children’s Literature, Chen, considered that the evaluation of a child’s literature was based on a child’s perspective and that the child was seen as a child.

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