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一: How can a new expansion of imports allow domestic consumption upgrade?

Columnist of the editorial leader of the documentary/new waves (Bkopleader)

Seminar on making children more like children: “Casa Lee's children's story series” in Nanjing

On 12 April 2023, a seminar on the theme “Making a child more like a child — caring for the child, imagination”, was successfully held in the new Oriente of the Heykkali district of Beijing.

What is the role of the TOD model in improving transport? Secondary students are targeted for study.

What is the role of the TOD model in improving transport? Secondary students are targeted for study.

Ministry of Education: resolutely investigate and deal with malicious price increases in non disciplinary training

In view of the prominent problems such as malicious price increases and overtime charges of non-disciplinary after-school training institutions, which were strongly reflected by the society before the winter vacation, all parts of the country took rapid action, centralized rectification and legislative reform in accordance with the unified deployment of the Ministry of education, the development and Reform Commission and the State Administration of market supervision, and basically completed the special investigation and rectification of non-disciplinary training charges before and after the winter vacation. Come with Xiaobian——

Barcelona won 6 penalty kicks after 27 rounds, but they were not sentenced to the first place in La Liga

In this round of La Liga, Barcelona reversed Elce 2-1 away.

Kim Jong Joo, founder of Nexon, South Korea's largest game company, has died at the age of 54

Nxc, Nexon’s holding parent company, issued a statement announcing the death of Jin Zhengzhou, but did not specify the specific cause of death. According to media reports, Jin Zhengzhou has been receiving treatment for depression and his condition seems to have worsened. He is regarded as the idol and pioneer of the Korean game industry. His sudden death is a great impact on the Korean game industry.