July 8th, 2022

It’s been almost one year since I wrote an article entitled “NFTs as Keys: Web3 Authentication in the Pseudonymous Economy”. A lot has happened since.

Listed below are a few reflections on the current state of the MarTech industry in relation to NFTs. I share some of my personal experiences with global brands and look at the evolution of the projects mentioned in last year’s article (more specifically at those that have actually adopted “NFTs as Keys”).

To read the original article again, here’s the link:

April 11th, 2022

A few months ago, I accepted a side challenge by a friend who wanted to do an NFT experiment called “The Sph3res” (pronounced: “The Spheres”).

The man behind Sph3res was extremely active and passionate about the “ASH” ecosystem (created by the artist Pak) and wanted to launch his own project in this creative space.

However he had a few problems: he had launched the initial project anonymously, so nobody knew who he was, he had no community, no financial power, and had never done an NFT project before. Actually, all of those are criteria that often apply to people who want to launch something around NFTs.

Together we came up with a mint concept (and a corresponding ERC-721 smart contract) that:

October 6th, 2021
Physical 0xmons cards, claimable through NFTs on platform seen.haus
Physical 0xmons cards, claimable through NFTs on platform seen.haus

The original “NFTs as Keys” article has been published on Medium on July 18th.
As a believer in web3, I am happy that I can finally publish it on mirror.xyz.

3 Months after its initial publication, NFT and web3 markets have evolved. It becomes clearer every day that many of the assumptions made in this article have turned out to be true. Trends are manifesting and concepts become reality.

The Web3 is inevitable.