Introducing the Tantric airdrop

The $vNIL first redistribution sequence has been executed on Feb 3, 2022 - 2:53:41 PM. ~350 Nilistadors have received a welcoming pack of at least 3,250 $vNIL. Welcome to the fam. Among them, ~30 are joining as part of full time contributors. We are impressed by the quality of the profile joining the team. The Nil future is exciting!

For an emerging DAO, distributing ownership isa powerful leverage to rally thousands of people around a mission.

Why should airdrops last for a minute?

So far, most airdrops have taken the form of brutal distributions, usually followed by dumps. We believe that token sharing could be more than that.

Show me the incentive

DAO compete to capture participants' attention and, moreover, builders' interest. In order to favor long-term appetite in the community, we introduce the Tantric Airdrop (TA).

This practice offers DAOs the flexibility they need to progressively inspire and reward specific community activists.

Tantra from Sanskrit: तन्त्र literally means "loom, warp, weave". According to Padoux, the verbal root Tan means: "to extend", "to spread", "to spin out", and "compose". This is exactly what the Niliterium is about.

Based on the esoteric Hinduist traditions, TA consists of the progressive distribution of ownership through various recurring airdrops.

The distribution can be done based on a wide range of evolving criteria. You might prefer to initially vampire attack a community before incentivizing in-house behaviors. This is what Nil did, airdropping most of the initial liquidity to N holders and artists.

However, today we chose to nurture long term community development with an innovative recurring distribution design.

Nil Tantric first sequence

The Nilistador onboarding form will forever remain open. An initial pack of $vNIL will always be there for the passionate.

  • The +3,500 responses (including a large amount of bots) received in the last few weeks have been reviewed, and, in partnership with Discord participants.
  • ~350 Nilistadors have been selected for the first round. Congrats!
  • Their welcoming packs starts from 3,250 $vNIL to more, depending on their ongoing or anticipated roles in the DAO.
  • In addition, ~30 core members are joining specific legions that will serve the DAO expansion.
Mind what you do with those tokens. Nil will always keep rewarding long term mentality 🤫

Next steps

We are absolutely grateful to everyone that filled out the registration form and very proud of the world-class Legionnaires. It has been an arduous task going through the seemingly endless onboarding forms. Feel free to reach out on Discord if you believe we should double check your application.

How to maximize your airdrop?

NIL/ETH SLP APR% can change over time
NIL/ETH SLP APR% can change over time

The Niliterium is a welcoming cooperative where hackers, misfits, and believers collectively build a first principle NFT marketplace.

Keep in mind:

  • There will be other airdrops.
  • This is the point of the Tantric mindset.

We encourage you to keep farming xp, lurking on Discord and/or just being yourself. You can contact contributors in #support to ask four a double checking.

There is always a tribe for you in the Metaverse.
There is Nil.

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