Music and the Metaverse: Part Five

Sonic Dimensions: Revolutionizing In-Game Music in the Metaverse

RELICSxyz was born out of the idea that music is a foundational component of your identity, be it virtual or IRL. This is the fifth in a short series of hot takes on how we see music and the Metaverse 🤝.

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In an era where technology reshapes the way we experience the world, a new frontier of possibilities has emerged, shaking up industries from entertainment to education: the Metaverse. A technology we here at RELICSxyz are all too familiar with, we believe we’re at the forefront of this evolution.

The Metaverse, often tied to the concept of Web3 - a decentralized virtual environment powered by blockchain technology, has indeed been a game-changer in digital spaces. However, it's essential to remember that the Metaverse isn't exclusive to the realms of Web3. The rise of user-centered platforms like Roblox and Fortnite has shown that Web2 - the current version of the World Wide Web, which emphasizes user-generated content, usability, and interoperability - is also a potent playground for the Metaverse's expansion.

Web2 platforms have been pivotal in popularizing the concept of shared, persistent virtual spaces that coexist alongside our physical world. These digital arenas provide an immersive experience, blurring the boundaries between the virtual and real, laying the groundwork for the Metaverse.

Moreover, these platforms demonstrate how the Metaverse can function in the present web infrastructure, providing a glimpse into the potential of a fully realized Metaverse in the future - a shared, digital space that is continuously alive and evolving, transcending the boundaries of Web2 and Web3.

In 2021, Roblox, a global platform bringing millions of people together through play, reported an astonishing 199 million monthly active users. The Roblox universe, composed of a myriad of user-created experiences, has been elevated by music's integral role. An engaging soundtrack can turn an ordinary in-game journey into an epic adventure, deeply influencing the user's overall experience.

Fortnite, an equally popular platform with 350 million registered users by 2020, uses music to set the mood and pace of gameplay, often employing celebrity collaborations for live virtual concerts. These statistics underline the potential for growth and opportunity within these gaming platforms.

To underscore the importance of music in these digital spaces, we can look at data from Roblox’s most notable live concert event, the Lil Nas X Concert Experience, which took place in 2020. With a total of over 30 million unique users participating live, the immense popularity of the event across multiple showings attests to the significant role music plays in these virtual environments

This further illustrates the potential music holds in engaging and attracting audiences in the Metaverse. Through technology like our music playing IDOLS, our aim at RELICSxyz is to create similarly compelling audio experiences for web2 virtual gaming environments that enhance player immersion, fostering a stronger connection between the user and the digital universe they are exploring. Stay tuned for interesting news as we develop into these spaces!

The intersection of music and gaming in the Metaverse is more than just an emerging trend; it's the next frontier of digital entertainment. With platforms like Roblox and Fortnite at the helm, we're seeing an unprecedented opportunity to redefine how we understand and interact with music. At RELICSxyz, we're excited to be leading the charge in this dynamic, ever-evolving landscape, creating unique, adaptive audio experiences that not only enhance gameplay but also define the very essence of the Metaverse.

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