domain for sale, finding a new approach

BaseX was rejected from GG20.

Super painful. Super stressful.

Now finding a new approach and adjusting to the new reality.

We were virtually certain that the GG20 will happen

❌ on automated AI review

It is particularly painful as 2 human reviewers were ✅ and it is AI that ❌ one criterium?

You provided us with additional info but the team was unable to approve this time.

Unable or unwilling?

Doesn’t matter.

For a moment we felt as belonging to community, not so much anymore.

Straw that broke the camel's back

Just before the GG20 major breaking change to our infrastructure, that massively affected our messaging (no longer “join the platform”).

A little bit earlier meeting aligned team at ETH Denver:

(we hope to join forces and work together)

Selling the .com domain

We will be not continuing in the current format, that’s why selling domain.

It's only 5 letters, .com, sex, brandable, especially if you do something on Base L2.

Bear in mind that WWW were first digital collectibles.

Best contact: ( may not work anymore as we are wrapping up)

Next steps

Give us some time, allow dust to settle, we have some draft notes but too early to share without full clarity.

For now, accounting for externalities remains a big unsolved problem

Who else is working on it?

(5 minutes of fame, it was a pretty good interview)

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