JustBet Early WINRs Public Testnet is Out

JustBet is excited to announce the launch of public testnet Arbitrum Goerli, providing players with the opportunity to experience a unique decentralized and fair on-chain casino built on the WINR Protocol.

How to Join JustBet Testnet

You have two options to participate in the testnet (Arbitrum Goerli Testnet). The first is through the testnet campaign on Galxe and the second is by completing testnet tasks on Crew3.xyz platform.

Our Galxe campaign will soon be shared on our Twitter.

To participate in the testnet OAT NFT campaign, you will simply complete 200 transactions within the dApp. Users who complete the campaign and recieve the OAT NFT will share a prize pool of vWINR as well as become an early testnet participant which will come with further utilities and rewards within the platform.

You can access JustBet’s Crew3.xyz quest board by following this link: https://justbet.crew3.xyz/questboard

To participate in the Crew3 quests, you simply need to submit your wallet within the first quest of each section. 

All of the quests are for the testnet and as you complete quests and earn XP, you will get rewards according to your place in the leaderboard. 

The most important quest is the 100 transaction quest which upon completion will provide you with further utilities and rewards within the platform on top of the leaderboard rewards. All your submissions will be approved in real time. 

The leaderboard rewards are as follows:

1-20 $50 plus mystery box for each participant

21-100 $10 plus mystery box for each participant

101-1000 mystery box for each participant

General Information

JustBet is a decentralized and fair on-chain casino built using the WINR Protocol on the Arbitrum blockchain. The games are built on transparent and immutable smart contracts, and the randomness in the games is generated by SupraOracles. This ensures that payouts are tamper-proof and the casino experience is fast-paced and realistic.

When you place a bet on JustBet, you will receive a cashback reward in vWINR tokens. These tokens can be exchanged for $WINR tokens. To convert vWINR into $WINR, you must lock your tokens. During the lock period, you will receive a portion of every bet wagered through JustBet smart contracts.

Additionally, the bankroll is a liquidity pool similar to DeFi AMMs where users can provide liquidity in exchange for a yield generated by gamblers' losses.

Setting Up Your Wallet

To access Arbitrum, you will need a wallet that is compatible with all Ethereum-based platforms. A popular option is MetaMask.

To access Arbitrum, players will need a wallet that is compatible with all Ethereum-based platforms, such as MetaMask. Once MetaMask is set up, players can connect to the Arbitrum Goerli network and mint Goerli ETH (Arbitrum) and JBwETH. **


Once your MetaMask is set up, click the "connect" button and add the Arbitrum Goerli network with a single click. After the connection is established, you can mint Goerli ETH (Arbitrum) and JBwETH. Now, you are ready to play.**

Importing Our Tokens

You will also need to import our tokens to be able to view your balance. To do this, go to your MetaMask browser extension and scroll to the end of the 'Assets' page until you see 'import tokens’.

Here are the contract addresses for Testnet: 

WINR: 0x29F4f98429Daf92845b5C00d03acab5ED305dFa0

JBwETH: 0xde438D54c7B75f798985aE38A4D07b5431702077

vWINR: 0x01C092415A212869DA893166a386c2465Cd88417

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