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JustBet (💙,🎲)

JustBet (💙,🎲)

The global gambling industry is not ready for what's coming. Launching on #Arbitrum Q1 2023. On-chain gambling, funded by DeFi.
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JustBet joins forces with Camelot

JustBet is thrilled to announce a partnership with Camelot and will be joining the Round Table. The team at Camelot has designed a fair-launch model that will be used for the launch of our $WINR token, ensuring that our community has an equal chance to participate. The public sale for $WINR will take place in the second half of February, and after the sale, the token will be tradeable on Camelot.

JustBet Early WINRs Public Testnet is Out

JustBet is excited to announce the launch of public testnet Arbitrum Goerli, providing players with the opportunity to experience a unique decentralized and fair on-chain casino built on the WINR Protocol.
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Knock, knock. It’s our time, yet again.

Rising from its ashes, after countless tries shredded by pain and decorated with tears, here comes your favorite platform back on the scene again, JustBet.
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The New $WINR

Hey apes and degens, this will be our first article of a series explaining the new JustBet smart contract framework and the product. As you may or may not know, $WINR is the native token of the JustBet platform. It was always intended to be a complex way of rewarding the gamblers on the platform, and have them take a share of the revenue generated by it. We have previously ran thousands of simulations, and came up with a minting formula to make sure the emissions match the profit generated through the smart contracts.