JustBet joins forces with Camelot

JustBet is thrilled to announce a partnership with Camelot and will be joining the Round Table. The team at Camelot has designed a fair-launch model that will be used for the launch of our $WINR token, ensuring that our community has an equal chance to participate. The public sale for $WINR will take place in the second half of February, and after the sale, the token will be tradeable on Camelot.

We value Camelot’s commitment to providing long-term liquidity for $WINR through its sustainable incentives and novel features. As an innovative protocol focused on building a truly decentralized on-chain casino with unique tokenomics, this partnership aligns with our mission.

We are excited to be a part of the Round Table, where we will collaborate with key builders on Arbitrum and contribute to the growth and development of the ecosystem. This partnership will not only support JustBet's growth but also further support the ecosystem through innovation and collaboration.

We believe that this partnership will help us create a fair and transparent platform and we are excited to see how the $WINR token plays a vital role in the mechanics of the JustBet platform.

Stay tuned for the final date confirmations for our public sale on Camelot, and in the meantime, start betting on https://beta.just.bet, join our discord, and read our docs to learn more about JustBet at https://docs.just.bet/justbet/.


Camelot is a decentralized exchange (DEX) designed to support the Arbitrum ecosystem by providing flexible and sustainable liquidity for protocols. The main objective of Camelot is to become the native DEX of Arbitrum by offering a wide range of innovative features that enable protocols to have a high degree of flexibility and control over their own liquidity. This includes ways to effectively support new protocols that want to settle on Arbitrum, offering them all the tools they need to launch, bootstrap liquidity, and sustain their growth. Camelot's key features include its unique automated market maker (AMM) with a dual-liquidity model, which allows for trading both volatile and stable assets with optimized slippage, and dynamic directional swap fees that can be based on market conditions and protocols' specifics. Additionally, Camelot introduces a new layer of composability called spNFT (staked position non-fungible tokens) which creates a highly innovative approach to liquidity by providing a satisfying yield for liquidity providers without holder's dilution.


JustBet is a decentralized online casino built using the WINR Protocol on the Arbitrum blockchain. Developed by a team of experienced online gamblers, JustBet aims to provide a fair and transparent gambling experience for its users by leveraging the immutability and transparency of blockchain technology. The platform uses smart contracts to implement games and Supra Oracles to generate randomness, ensuring that payouts are tamper-proof and the casino experience is fast-paced and realistic. Additionally, every bet placed on JustBet comes with a cashback reward in the form of vWINR tokens, which can be exchanged for WINR tokens after a lock period. The platform also features a smart index pool as its bankroll, similar to DeFi AMMs, where users can provide liquidity in exchange for a yield generated by gamblers' losses. Overall, JustBet offers a unique gambling experience that allows users to gamble as a true on-chain degen, earn rebate rewards, provide liquidity and become the ultimate WINR.

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