Grant program for web3 companies
August 2nd, 2022

OG protocol is thrilled to announce a contest for web3 companies — offering the chance to implement dynamic NFT technology into their products while covering development costs.

OG Protocol aims to advance DNFT technology and educate the market about its potential. For this reason, we’re looking to help builders implement dynamic NFT technology in their projects at no charge. We are looking forward to meeting teams that build P2E games, wallets and dashboards, NFT collections,  digital loyalty programs, and any other product that could benefit from dynamically evolving NFTs.

A total grant of $45,000 will be divided between selected companies that want to make their NFTs dynamic. The grant money will come in the form of development credits that will be used with OG Protocol, which will help the winners with the technical implementation of DNFT technology.

To enter the contest, companies must submit the application form below, describing their product and how the implementation of DNFT technology would help it to evolve. We are looking for the most innovative and exciting proposals that will actually go live as soon as the technology is implemented!

We invite web3 companies that operate on EVM-compatible blockchain to make their NFTs ever-evolving dynamic items and boost their community engagement.

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What is a Dynamic NFT?

NFT metadata is a collective term for graphical assets and text traits. When it comes to standard NFTs, this data is fixed and frozen, and while an NFT may be a video, once created, it is in its final form. Static NFTs cannot engage or react to any external factors, whereas with dynamic NFTs, inputs can constantly change the metadata. They respond to user interaction with the tokens, which unlocks potentially limitless utility.

Dynamic NFTs change their look based on either blockchain events, user data, or IRL stimuli — for example, an NFT could change traces, color, or size in response to a transaction that an owner undertakes. This technology boosts product retention rate and keeps your communities active and vivid.

What kinds of events may trigger a change in NFTs?

Anything! Currency rates, NFT prices, users’ addresses, balances, in-app events, weather, sports news… Your imagination is the only limit.

Who needs dynamic NFTs?

Crypto wallets, move-to-earn apps, p2e games, NFT ticketing projects, brands, and NFT artists — anyone who requires a strong dynamic NFT technology under their belt.

What is OG Protocol?

OG Protocol enables web3 development teams to make their NFT ever-evolving dynamic items. Your metaverse, collections, and characters get to live longer. Your product gets more engagement and thus secures the price.

This software is created by the development team behind OG:Crystal Reef dynamic NFT art project. Join our Telegram chat and follow us on Twitter.

👉 Apply to add DNFT to your product for free

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