NowhereDAO Bi-weekly Update April Week 2-3, 2022
April 28th, 2022

Project Progress

1. NFT Contracts Deployment

Pre-launch testing is in progress for the NFT contracts development, which will be released in the near future.

2. Romeo Chips NFT Updates

Romeo Chips are the Alpha Mission of the Nowhere, aiming to explore and locate the stars in the Web3 galaxy. This series of NFTs has a total of three colors gold, silver, and copper, and each color of NFT consists of 9 pieces, and each person can get one of them.

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3. NFT Introduction Released

NowhereDAO has distributed all the NFTs, including Class NFT, Regional Ambassador NFT, and builder NFTs. Every Nowhere NFT reflects a great mission and vision. Feel free to view this introduction and know our NFT quickly.

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4. Nowhere x Antmons

On April 16th, Nowhere reached new cooperation with Antmons. Antmons is a #P2E game that can be regarded as an adventurists’ paradise, owned and defined by the community.

More and more significant achievements are on the way. We look forward to working with Antmons and their users. We believe that this partnership will be mutually beneficial and super synergetic.

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5. Remeo NFT Distribution Trailer

As the entire community eagerly waits for Remeo NFTs, we could not be more excited to throw the NFTs open for those who have constantly showered their love and support on this project. We posted the Remeo NFT distribution trailer tweet on April 20th, the campaign data is being checked and every qualified participant will receive your own NFT pieces soon.

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6. The Round 1 NFT Distribution Trailer

We are delighted to announce that the Round 1 NFT will be distributed soon— Regional Ambassador NFT, class NFT, builder NFT, and special edition NFT Romeo Chips… NFTs are on the way, it’s time to collect your chip and start your journey in NowhereDAO!

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7. NFT Distribution Testament

The NFT distribution is in final testing and the Remeo NFTs will be released in the near future.

8. NowhereDAO Gitbook

We are honored to release NowhereDAO Gitbook. Feel free to browse the site for details on acquiring tokens and contributing points. The Gitbook will be constantly updated as the project continues to build and onboard more valuable members. For more details:
Our Gitbook address:


1. 4th&5th Pump Signal Spotted From NowhereDAO Chief Analyst

Previous pumps spotted by our analyst @CryptoLinns on Huobi went well.
1st $TNB 75% Rise
2nd $SOC 100% Rise
3rd $EKT 63% Rise
4th $PHCR 52%
Pump signal of $PHCR on April 16th
Pump signal of $HEC on April 23rd

Many community members engaged and generated up to 83% profit.

Thank you all for participating and if you made a profit, congratulations! The NowhereDAO discord community holds amazing pumps every week.
Join our discord community for more pump signals. Let's see what we can do, try and get as much volume as possible!

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Our Discord:

Community Progress

1. Genesis Registration Event Successfully Finished

Genesis Registration Event comes to its end on April 16th. Thank you for all of the participants’ support. The winner list will be checked and listed on Twitter and the discord community soon.

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2. Crypto Rank Tweets

1. Top Crypto Gainers Ranking
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2. Gem Hunter Track
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**3. Top Crypto Gainers
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3. Ideal DAO by NowhereDAO member @Web3Lewis

On April 18th, our community member @Web3Lewis tells us his ideal DAO. As a community-driven global DAO project, Community is the soul of NowhereDAO. Let’s take a look at our community in the eyes of our core members.

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4. Spanish and Japanese Ambassadors join NowhereDAO

We are delighted to announce the recent arrival of Spanish and Japanese ambassadors in the NowhereDAO community. We’re looking for enthusiasts who are passionate about cryptocurrency and willing to promote Nowhere in different countries.

We are still recruiting regional ambassadors, so check the requirements below if you’re interested! There will be additional rewards tokens & NFT for early contributors.

Requirements for the round 1 ambassador:

  1. Invite at least 3 people to join nowhere DAO discord
  2. Promote nowhere DAO on your social platform
    Join our discord server to get more information.

NowhereDAO Regional Ambassadors Application form:

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