NowhereDAO Weekly Update March Week 5, 2022
April 4th, 2022

Project Progress

1. Ambassador NFT Released

Regional Ambassador NFTs were distributed to motivate and recognize members who continuously participate and support NowhereDAO development on April 4th. A regional ambassador is a leading guide to NowhereDAO community development for all of its members. We expect community members to work with the ambassadors to promote NowhereDAO to all parts of the world so that more people can know about Nowhere and participate in its development.

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2. Contribution Points Rules Update

To ensure the authenticity and fairness of NowhereDAO contribution points ranking. After careful study by the team, adjustments have been made, and the new rules have taken effect.

3. Level NFTs Redeem Rules Update

All rewards need to be redeemed on the nowhere DAO website - My nowhere, Level NFTs are not exceptions. Through the new rules, you can look into how you can redeem your NFTs.


1. NO (Stats) WHERE (Performance)

This week, many KOL members promoted multi-information about NowhereDAO and received a warm welcome from their followers. Here’s the Promoter Engagement Ranking according to collaboration cases.

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2. 2nd Pump Signal Spotted From NowhereDAO Analyst

Thanks to our community analyst @CryptoLinns published an epic pump signal of $SOC. Many community members engaged and generated up to 100% profit.

3. Analyst @army_shiba joined NowhereDAO

On April 3rd, Analyst @army_shiba joined NowhereDAO, as a Crypto Analyst working with the growing community analyst team. NowhereDAO aims to provide users information at a premium and crypto-market investing advice. We are still recruiting analysts, if you are Passionate about crypto and have a strong desire to learn, and experience in the blockchain industry, please feel free to share on our discord channel. There will be additional rewards tokens & NFT for early contributors.

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Community Progress

1. AMA on Official Discord Channel

On March 30th, Nowhere held the first AMA at NowhereDAO discord General Channel. We had our team member @Nowhere_Brown introduce the NowhereDAO project. We also answered a series of questions from the community in detail concerning NowhereDAO’s NFTs and the real value of the project in the long term.

This is a recap of the entire session, in case you missed it:


On March 31st, NowhereDAO was invited to participate in the AMA held by C. I. COMMUNITY on Telegram. Informative sessions were held, with both live as well as preordained twitter questions so that the respective telegram communities were able to have their doubts clarified as well as be informed about the recent developments in NowhereDAO.

This is a recap of the entire session, in case you missed it:

3. AMA with GemMouse Capital

On April 1st, NowhereDAO was invited to participate in the AMA held by GemMouse Capital on Telegram. After introducing the advantages and features of Nowhere in detail, our team members answered some live and preordained Twitter questions and received a warm welcome from all members of the community.

This is a recap of the entire session, in case you missed it:

4. AMA with TBN Capital

The TBN Capital conducted an AMA Series with NowhereDAO on their Telegram chat group, and several questions regarding Nowhere’s ecosystem and focusing products and more were answered. At the end of the AMA, a quiz about the number of tokens that will be distributed to the community was thrown, and the first to give the correct answer was rewarded.

This is a recap of the entire session, in case you missed it:

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