NowhereDAO Bi-weekly Update March Week 3-4, 2022
March 21st, 2022

Project Progress

1. Official website skin updated

As part of UX design, the official website skin has been updated to provide the site's users an immersive experience.

For more details:

2. Task System

Task system development on the official website also started. Soon users will be able to check daily tasks and designated tasks and gain contribution points on the website.

3. Contribution points(CPs) Rules

Test By participating in community events, contribution points can be accumulated to earn different levels of NFT and unlock the corresponding benefits. So far, 67 users have received the community CPs.

4. NFT Design

The NFT in Nowhere is a symbol of status, and different NFT statuses enjoy different rights. The round 1 Regional Ambassador NFT design has finished, which will be distributed soon. We are now revising the 3rd edition level NFT design.

Community building

1. Discord Community

NowhereDAO discord community has been built. After a period of operation, we have more than 2.2k members. Contents contributed & delivered by community members will be presented on the discord. Join our server for the latest information!

Join NowhereDAO discord:

2. Telegram Announcement Channel

NowhereDAO has created the telegram announcement channel where the latest updates and news will be released.

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3. Regional Ambassadors Recruitment

NowhereDAO is seeking regional ambassadors. Regional ambassadors will be rewarded with an exclusive NFT as well as tokens for the contribution. So far, NowhereDAO has received 40 ambassador applications from 14 regions. We are still recruiting regional ambassadors, so check the requirements below if you’re interested! There will be additional rewards token & NFT for early contributors.

Requirements for the round 1 ambassador:

  1. Invite at least 3 people to join nowhere DAO discord
  2. Promote nowhere DAO on your social platform

Join our discord server to get more information.

For more details: NowhereDAO Regional Ambassadors Application form:

4. NowhereDAO Introduction Released

Nowhere is an alliance of encryption enthusiasts, and NowhereDAO is the streaming carrier of Nowhere. NowhereDAO will provide users information at a premium and crypto-market investing advice.

Check the link below to know more about NowhereDAO:

5. NowhereDAO’s Mission Released

NowhereDAO is committed to building a leading DAO for every crypto-market participant who wants to find their ideal mentors or investing partners. We help every encryption enthusiast to realize his/her values.

Learn more about our mission, vision and values:

6. NowhereDAO New Member Guidelines Released

NowhereDAO NFT is a symbol of nowhere status, $NWD is the only Token for the NowhereDAO ecosystem. Members can gain NFT and tokens by redeeming contribution value. New members in NowhereDao can check the guidelines for detailed steps to join and get NowhereDAO NFT & Token reward.

For more details:

7. Token Signal Analysts Recruitment

We are now looking for market analysts who can conduct research on different token trading signals. Verified analysts will be given special roles in NowhereDAO discord and can directly get Nowhere identity NFT. Analysts who share token signals in according channel can get contribution points, which can be used to claim higher level identity NFT and enjoy more rights in NowhereDAO.

NowhereDAO Token Signal Analyst Application form:

8. NowhereDAO Onepager released

We have released our onepager. NowhereDAO aims to provide users information at a premium and crypto-market investing advice. Feel free to check it if you want to know more about NowhereDAO!

Check our onepager:

9. Invitation Campaign for Genesis NFTs

Invitation Campaign for Genesis NFTs is ongoing. Users could invite their friends, become ambassadors and win the bonus, including exclusive NFTs and CPs.

Invites Ranking Bounties:

#1 Promoting Ambassador NFT

#2 Genesis NFT-The Quark

#3 50 Contribution Points

#4-#5 20 Contribution Points

#6-#10 10 Contribution Points

#11-#50 5 Contribution Points

For more details:

10. NowhereDAO Genesis Airdrop

NowhereDAO Genesis Airdrop is live! The Airdrop which shared 3000u is held from Mar 16th to Mar 23rd.

Date: Mar.16th-Mar.23rd

Reward: 3000u in total

Join: Gleam link

Check details of the campaign:

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