NowhereDAO Bi-weekly Update May Week 1-2, 2022
May 17th, 2022

Project Progress

1. The Round Ⅱ NFTs Distribution

New members make our NowhereDAO team stronger and powerful! We are honored to announce that we have completed the Round Ⅰ NFTs distribution, including Event NFTs, Daily Tasks NFTs and Newly member NFTs. Thanks to those who have constantly showered their love and support on this project.

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2. NowhereDAO X Oasis University

We are delighted to announce that @oasisuniversity from China has joined the NowhereDAO community. As introduced in our Onepager, NowhereDAO will provide users information at a premium and crypto-market investing advice. Now you can get blockchain education in NowhereDAO discord community. Oasis University, an academy-based community focused on blockchain education, dedicated to train blockchain investment talents and outstanding practitioners.

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Community Progress

1. TOP 10 CoinGecko Recently Added

On May 3rd, we updated the TOP 10 CoinGecko Recently Added on Twitter. Please feel free to check the updates.

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2. NowhereDAO X HangOut NFT Giveaway Winner Announcement

NowhereDAO X HangOut NFT Giveaway held by NowhereDAO and HangOut comes to its end on May 4th. After validating, we have posted the winners on our discord and Twitter. Congratulations and thank you for all of the participants’ support, and the prizes have been distributed.

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3. NowhereDAO Introduction Video from a Community Member

By participating in community events, contribution points can be accumulated to earn different levels of NFT and unlock the corresponding benefits. All rewards need to be redeemed on the nowhere DAO website. Please feel free to check out how to participate in NowhereDAO community and earn contribution points to redeem Nowhere NFTs and tokens via YouTube.

Watch the video here:

4. Trending Coins of the day

On May 6th, we updated Trending Coins of the day on Twitter. Check this graph and find out the new trending coins and the top influencers.

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5. Top DeFi Coins

On May 8th, we updated the Top DeFi Coins on Twitter. The ranking is based on market capitalization. Nowhere DAO will build an information-sharing platform, a value project mining platform, a primary and secondary market information supply platform, an education platform, etc. Stay tuned for our future information!

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6. Spark of Epiphany Activity

To promote communication among NowhereDAO community members, we hosted the Spark of Epiphany Activity, topics as follows. The activity was such a great success that our community members actively participated in the discussion and expressed their views on the issue.

Issue 1: May 9th - May 15th

Prize Pool: $860 + Romeo Chips NFT*45


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7. Top Crypto Gainers Today

On May 10th, we updated Top Crypto Gainers Ranking on Twitter. With the increasing need that all investors and cryptocurrency lovers want to share their investment experiences freely, NowhereDAO will provide users information at a premium and crypto-market investing advice.

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8. PH Game Livestreamer @Neo-cP Coming on Board

We are glad to announce @Neo-cP coming on board!

He's the NowhereDAO Philippines Ambassador & a popular PH Game Livestreamer, NFT Game explorer, Pure GameFi enthusiast, Funny homeboy. Stay tuned, he will be doing LIVEs inside the nowhereDAO server daily.

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nep-cp-stream channel:

9. Top 5 GameFi Coins With KOLs

On May 11th, we updated the Top 5 GameFi Coins With KOLs on Twitter. Gaming tokens or GameFi coins are considered cryptocurrencies that have real value. The concept of GameFi coins is that you earn tokens by playing games. Check the graph below and find out what GameFi coins are on trend.

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10. Hot Projects on CG: Trending VS Most voted

On May 13th, we updated Hot Projects on CG: Trending vs most voted. There are countless new crypto projects springing up all over the world. Please feel free to check the trending and most voted projects.

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11. Reward Community Chief Analyst @CryptoLinns for His Profitable Token Signals

NowhereDAO is a community-driven global DAO project. Community is the soul of NowhereDAO. Our community chief analyst @CryptoLinns is an enthusiast who is passionate about cryptocurrency and willing to improve the community's visibility and engagement. In appreciation of the profitable token signals provided by @CryptoLinns, the community will reward him with $500! Join NowhereDAO for more wealthy signals and community rewards! For more details:

12. Save Luna Project

NowhereDAO outlined emergency measures aimed at saving LUNA and its native stablecoin UST from collapse – Save Luna Project. For those who own $luna, please join NowhereDAO. We want to hear more voices and bring $luna back to $1. We're giving 1,000,000 $luna. Rules:

  1. Follow @nowheredao
  2. RT & @ 3 friends
  3. Join Save $Luna channel:

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13. NFT Promoters and Projects

On May 17th, we updated NFT Promoters and Projects on Twitter.  Working with the right influencers for your brand is the quickest and most effective way to position your project front and center.

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