Stament on last Wonderland developments

Dear Frogs and Crypto Community,

I would like to issue this statement, due to the occurings of the last 24 hours.

To summarize what has happened, word came out that Sifu who has been running the Wonderland Treasury, previously was a cofounder of QuadrigaCX, and has had other occurrences in the past.
I found out about this 1 month ago, I am of the opinion of giving second chances, as I have mentioned on Twitter. I’ve seen the community very divided about my choice of maintaining him as the treasury manager after finding out who he was and his past.

Regardless, what has happened has happened. Now having taken some time to reflect, I have decided that he needs to step down till a vote for his confirmation is in place. Wonderland has the say to who manages its treasury not me or the rest of the wonderland team.

It is not easy to take this kind of choices, who know me and had time to listen and follow my journey in DeFi can confirm that I have no bias for anyone, I have learned to give trust to people and to make my own opinions about them rather than just listen to the noise. This has led me to incredible friendships and also to dramatic ends, including love stories and friendships. This said I have to lead this community by example and make sure that everyone can voice their opinions and not take just mine as a given. All funds in wonderland are managed by a multi-sign, any fud related to that needs to be cut off now, as they are secured by me and the wonderland team. buyback will still happen and the team is working on deploying the products that we have mentioned it would need to be deployed.

I hope the community now comes together and decides what the future looks like and who they want managing their money. I am here as the executor of your will and will always be.

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