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The Future of Wonderland DAO: Giving Power to the Frogs

September 04
It has been nearly a year since we launched Wonderland. What started as a simple $OHM fork on Avalanche, quickly evolved into one of the largest DAOs in the world.

First gear, on the way forward

January 28
I have spoken a lot with various people, some people said Wonderland should just be wounded down and funds be given back to token holders, although this is an option, I believe this is the easy way out. I made a mistake, got blinded and I am sorry for that, Wonderland itself has achieved some big things and the aspect of an Investment DAO to me still is incredibly interesting.

Stament on last Wonderland developments

January 27
Dear Frogs and Crypto Community,

Welcome Chefs to the Frog Nation

January 25
I’m extremely excited to welcome Sushi to the Frog Nation. Making Sushi the most used DEX, and bringing the team and community spirit back to what Sushi previously was is my mission. I wanted to write a quick note to what the plan is with Sushi in the coming weeks as well as a bit of future cool stuff.