First gear, on the way forward

I have spoken a lot with various people, some people said Wonderland should just be wounded down and funds be given back to token holders, although this is an option, I believe this is the easy way out. I made a mistake, got blinded and I am sorry for that, Wonderland itself has achieved some big things and the aspect of an Investment DAO to me still is incredibly interesting.

I personally believe that we should get professionals onboard managing the treasury.

Whether it is the team at Bastion Trading who have proposed themselves on the forum here:​​ , or it is another team. These professionals should be doing regular audits, regular financial reports to show to the wMEMO holder clearly how they are doing, how they started and lots more.

It is now up to the community to decide.

Do we wind down or do we continue to fight for the aspect of a Investment DAO being a revolutionary new organization?

In order to get prepared for both situations, we have added a Wonderland dev to the multisig, to prepare custom contract interactions which are required if we give the funds to wMEMO,MEMO,TIME holders back.

For the option that I am for which is to fight and bring someone new and experienced on to manage the treasury, I would like for everyone to come forward and bring ideas, if you are a fund in the crypto space, please post a forum proposal if you are interested!

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