Welcome Chefs to the Frog Nation

I’m extremely excited to welcome Sushi to the Frog Nation. Making Sushi the most used DEX, and bringing the team and community spirit back to what Sushi previously was is my mission. I wanted to write a quick note to what the plan is with Sushi in the coming weeks as well as a bit of future cool stuff.

As a first note, Frog Nation is here to clean up and bring efficiency back into Sushi, prior to the last 3-4 months LOTs of products were being shipped, Sushi proved that it was not simply just a Uni Fork. With Kashi, Bentobox, Shoyu and many more it showed that, yes Sushi was born out of a fork- but is likely the only project that actually made it past people calling it a Uni fork. 

For primers I have spoken with almost everyone on the Sushi team during the proposal phase, Georgiy and Squirrel from the Frog Nation are now speaking with each person on the Sushi team, understanding the ways of working, getting product presentations, understand the way the different teams interact with each other. Thereafter the proper team structure is setup, some team members will likely leave, possible new additions in the future will be made. In order to keep Sushi nimble and moving quickly, the Frog Nation team with the core members of Sushi will decide upon any sort of hiring, payment measures etc. Sushi now needs to ship products, doing hiring via community governance makes little to no sense, as the community cannot know how members work with one another and what expertise the team needs. 

A few words about Sushi Products. Sushi in first place needs to take the number 1 spot of the DEXs. The trident launch is imminent and we are excited to see it happen, already have some strategic ideas around the roll out plan, specifically in regards to Onsen: the best Farmer around town and Frog Nation CFO Sifu has already made plans on how to attract volumes while at the same time not splurging out rewards inefficiently. Furthermore Sushi will be working on existing Order Book DEX code that the Frog Nation has provided, meaning that Sushi should become the first Order Book DEX that sees real volume. In terms of Shoyu as the twitter lurkers most likely know Dani has been doing a ton of NFT research, a plan and strategy will be put in place for this also. 

The community; the Sushi Community is extremely unique. Crypto communities in general are unique but what Sushi has achieved is something different, similarly to Frog Nation the values of true open financial products where the VCs don’t make the decisions is what all of us want. Romy who has been leading community and the mods at the Frog Nation has spoken to various Samurais. Things over the last months have already been changing, there has been hostility between the community and the team, we hope for this to end and that the community sees the good in the team and with product shipments and more, to come back on track and to focus on how they can help Sushi again.

As the Frog Nation we are extremely excited to be working together, we look forward to see Sushi rise up once again!

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