Arrakis Design Contest

Calling All Creative Fremen!

Arrakis V2 and PALM as you know have been launched, we've received some questions from the community, especially about exactly how the products work and what the key features entail.

Therefore, we now need the help of the creatives to explain the two products to the crypto-sphere. Enter - the Arrakis V2 & PALM Design Challenge. A challenge open to everyone, in which you can freely decide to participate in both or either subject.

Challenge Summary:


  • How Arrakis PALM works

  • Key features of Arrakis V2 and the associated potential use cases

Accepted Formats

  • Infographic

  • Video


  1. The competition is split into two categories, one for Arrakis PALM and one for Arrakis V2.

  2. In total, 2 winning submissions will be selected: Best Arrakis PALM Explainer, Best Arrakis V2 Explainer.

  3. You may provide an infographic, video, or both. The language needs to be English.

  4. The competition will only initiate once there are at least 3 submissions each to Arrakis V2 and PALM. The competition will end on March 1st.

  5. All submissions will be publicised and the community as well as team will vote on them in Discord. If any sybil activity is detected on voting the participant will be disqualified.

  6. Submissions should adopt Arrakis branding style (official branding assets can be found here).

  7. Submissions should be done in the Design Contest Channel on Discord.

  8. All of the information regarding PALM and Arrakis V2 can be found in the following Mirror articles and Docs:

    1. Intro to PALM

    2. Intro to Arrakis V2

    3. Detailed Docs


The winning submission for the PALM and Arrakis V2 content will each be rewarded with $500 USDC, a special role in Arrakis discord server, and invitations to collaborate with Arrakis in the future. It is possible for one individual to win both prizes!

Make it fun, make it interesting to learn, and most importantly, make it Arrakis and Dune themed. Have fun with the task, and the whole Arrakis community can’t wait to see what you come up with!

If you have any questions feel free to drop a message in our discord.

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