Canto Commons: Everything You Need to Know

In the world of blockchain, decentralization is key. But how do community members know how to self-organize and collaborate on a decentralized platform? That's where Canto Commons comes in.

In this blog post, we'll explore what Canto Commons is, how it works, and how it serves as a framework for community members to self-organize around.

What is Canto Commons? Canto Commons Handbook Canto Commons Handbook

In order to contribute to a bigger mission, people need an understanding of how they can contribute and where to begin.

Canto Commons is a framework for self-organization that empowers community members to self-coordinate to contribute to Canto. The Commons gives individuals a map showing a path forward for how they can work together in an open and permissionless way and gives them starting point for where they can begin their journey as a contributor.

If you are a community member interested in contributing to the Canto Ecosystem, Canto Commons makes it easier than ever to sync up with others on initiatives and topics you are passionate about.

How Will Contributors Self-Organize?

So, how does it work?

Contributors will form small groups called Clusters. Each Cluster is focused on a specific type of work. So, for example, there could be a Business Development, Growth, Protocol Improvement, or Mechanism Design Cluster. Each Cluster is hyper-focused on contributing to Canto in that specific area or focus.

The key takeaway — anyone can form any type of Cluster focused on any kind of work.

How are Clusters Formed and Structured? Cluster Formation Cluster Formation

The forming of new Clusters is open to anyone, and there are no specific rules for how to structure a Cluster.

However, the social legitimacy of a Cluster is determined by the Canto Community & others in the Canto Commons. Therefore, a Cluster is responsible for and must establish its reputation.

What Clusters are forming now?

Clusters are just beginning to form. To date, three have been announced. They include:

  • Canto Protocol Improvement

  • Canto Mechanism Improvement

This is just the start, as more Clusters are actively forming!

What Clusters Could You Form? Future Clusters Future Clusters

Since Canto doesn't have a team or official organization, contributors can form Clusters to work on anything that interests them.

From Developer Relations to Integrations and UX design— the options for new Clusters are endless.

Is work done in a Cluster compensated?

No. There is no financial compensation for work contributed in a Canto Cluster.

However, contributions to Canto will help contributors establish their reputation within the Canto community.

How can contributors join a Cluster?

If you are interested in contributing to Canto, it has never been easier!

To join an existing Cluster or to meet other contributors and form a new one, head over to the Canto Commons Channel in the Canto Public Discord.

Are you interested in more information on Canto Commons? Check out the site here or read the Canto Commons Handbook.

Looking for more info on Canto? Check out the Canto FAQs.

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