How DAOs should be

DAOs are...

  • Just participation is OK.

  • No one makes decisions

  • Governance tokens are nice to have but not necessary

  • No need for equity-like instruments

  • Only basic income is allocated


Recent DAO activities show that it is almost impossible for the masses to make decisions.
The costs are too high and it takes weeks or months to decide on anything.
Such organizations cannot accomplish or create anything.
It will only continue to do so until it has melted down the investors' money.

So how do you develop a DAO?
Where do you make decisions?

The decision-making and project promotion is done by the DAC.
It is often explained that everyone who participates in a DAO has the right to vote and that everyone's decisions are respected, but this is an illusion.
We have seen many cases where everyone has the right to make decisions, and as a result, no one does anything.
If this results in an opaque hierarchy of tacit knowledge that creates distortions within the DAO
It is better to define the hierarchy with a transparent DAC, which will create more momentum.

So, what are the people who participate in a DAO to do?
Incompetent people do not have to make decisions or even contribute in any way.
This may sound cold-hearted, but in essence, the stance is, "Just stay alive and that's all that matters.
People are under the curse of finding the meaning of life by doing something, though,
However, people are essentially valuable just by existing and contributing to the community.
Therefore, forcing people to do something is a strain on the organization and on humanity.
You are valuable just by being alive."
This should be the basic stance of DAOs.

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