Announcing Genesis Phase-II

Hello from Golom Team !!

We wanted to share the latest updates on what we’ve been upto, the last month has been a pretty adventures for the hobbitses and the wizards of the community- we have been heads down working on growing the community as well building robust changes in the Golom marketplace.


We have also been busy in growing the team, piloting the Ambassador program and making ways to improve the Discord server experience for the community.

After starting our Ambassador program with amazing community members. We couldn’t be more excited about this group of people, we’ll continue to develop the program with the Ambassadors before opening up applications to anyone who is interested.

Genesis Update:

After seeing a great magnitude of support from the Golom’s early trading community which is growing rapidly on a daily basis and considering the current market conditions we have decided to extend the Genesis period to ensure that there is enough and more time for us to reward early users and we continue our mission to create the biggest decentralised pool of NFT liquidity.

Over the last ~30 days we were able to hit a cumulative volume of 25,823.95 ETH ($27,089,323 @ $1048.86/ETH ) and generated a fee of 129.11 ETH ( $135,428.58 @ $1,048.86/ETH).

Such numbers thrill and motivate us at the same time for the exciting times ahead. And now ,we are excited to announce that the phase II of Genesis period will start from 1st July 2022 20:00 UTC until 31st July 2022 20:00 UTC.

Genesis Phase II :

1.25% of total $GOLOM tokens will be distributed to traders who successfully list and sell during this period, meaning 12,500,000 total and each day 416,666.66 tokens.
This also means that now the Airdrop will be rescheduled towards the end of Genesis Phase II instead of July first week.

What‘s Ahead:

  • We have lots of new features and analytical tools in development which will be announced on our discord.
  • We will be launching more partnerships and integration, which will help us create more liquidity on Golom and further enhance the distribution of the token.

In the last month we shipped a lot of new features that the community requested like:

  • Bulk listings: We further optimised the experience with the estimated price prediction based on rank and trait floors.
  • You can make a collection offer for more than one item at once.
  • Portfolio Analysis: We have also started indexing events of other exchanges and leading marketplaces ,so that data can be accurate, Sub account linking functionality has also been added so you can linked your cold and hot wallets and see combined portfolio analytics
  • Golom SDK is publicly available: Other developers can start working on the protocol and create bots and exchanges.
  • Instant and accurate ranking: We have recently partnered with Trait-sniper so that we can bring accurate ranking when collections get revealed
  • Users can track aggregated sale activity happening on all leading marketplaces on Golom.

Genesis Leaderboard:

Traders can check the leaderboard and track the trading volume on the below link which is available on the platform:

  • Each day's allocation will be done on a pro-rata basis to their selling volumes.
  • Genesis reward tokens including of phase I will be available to claim on 1st Aug.
  • The fees generated during the Genesis period will be stored in a distributor contract and will be available to claim by stakers later on, once the Genesis period is over.

Read about the previous Genesis Announcement here:

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