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If users have enough vePEA, they can boost their standard APY rate up to three times. As long as the user obtains vePEA, no matter whether the user deposits in any pool, their APY will be increased,After locking PEA to obtain vePEA, boosting will start automatically. See the formula to calculate boosted APY.

Boost Rules

Boost Examples

The following examples assume a total deposit of 100,000, with 100,000 vePEA locked.

Example 1

Alice plans to deposit 10,000 and no vePEA lock-up. According to the boosting rules, this is a level 1 boost. Alice cannot boost her APY.

Example 2

Bob plans to deposit 10,000 and locks up 10,000 vePEA. According to the boosting rules, this is a level 3 boost. Bob can boost his APY three times.

Example 3

John plans to deposit 10,000 and locks up 5,000 vePEA. According to the boosting rules, this is a level 2 boost. John can boost his APY two times.

How do Users Obtain VePEA?
Users obtain vePEA via locking PEA, the native token of PinkPea. The exchange rate is proportional to the PEA lock-up period.

1 month lock-up: 1PEA => 0.0416666 vePEA

6 month lock-up: 1PEA => 0.25vePEA

1 year lock-up: 1PEA => 0.5 vePEA

2 year lock-up: 1PEA => 1 vePEA

Locking and unlocking of PEA
When you stake PEA for the first time, PinkPea Finance will calculate your lock-up time and corresponding unlock time according to the lock-up period selected.

Unlocking time of non-first-time staked PEA will be weighted according to the unlocking time of previously staked PEA to get the new unlocking time.

Upon locking expiry, all locked PEAs will unlock at once.

Click on the link to learn about Boosting features and reward rules:

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