November 14th, 2021

from 2013-2021

It all started when I was first introduced to Bitcoin by a classmate in middle school. At the time Minecraft was just transitioning from its alpha build to beta and I had begun to actively play Minecraft in multiplayer servers. That’s when I learned about a Minecraft server that would allow you have in-game currency through the use of Bitcoin.

So I began reading and learning more about Bitcoin, I was able to successfully begin mining Bitcoin as well using my simple Acer Aspire laptop through connecting to Slush’s pool. While Bitcoin did not have much monetary value, it was a hopeful project of what could be, although still relatively a project over a legitimate currency for means of transaction or hold of value.

I did this for quite a few months, however, leaving my laptop running connected to power with its fans at maximum speed felt cumbersome as it was solely providing me with Bitcoin to use on this Minecraft server. My obsession with Minecraft came to an end and so did my care for Bitcoin.