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Tokenized Time by Newt (the R&D div of Aave) is a protocol that mints Time; a non fungible token with customized metadata that represents human capital attributes. Josep Bove is leading the production in an open community driven effort led by @0xJim.


Address: wearenewt.eth


Twitter: @wearenewt



Human and robotic capital is the most ambitious total addressable market for Web3. By Tokenizing Time on a decentralized network we can disrupt traditional methods of matching supply and demand for products and services. A non fungible token creates tangible value by communicating input quality in a transparent and verifiable fashion. And reorganizing the layers of distribution offers democratized access to risk adjustments and efficiency for participants that could lead to a parabolic onboarding.


Tokenized time is a Proof Of Concept. It's just the beginning of the idea. Newt (Aave) is acting as the steward of the attributes that can be marked on the token while they get it started. The goal is to generate a robust ecosystem of protocols on top of it and they are building a few to get started.


Meeting demand with decentralized innovations has lead to explosive volume in transacted value in all things metaverse. A proof of concept engages the earliest adopters and kicks off a network effect of growth. It started as a store of value and gamblers were pulled in with dice, financiers with Defi, artist with NFTs and gamers with GameFi.

The adoption of gaming is important because of the success of guilds. They are disrupting traditional corporate gaming models in size. Guilds are incentivized to organize and take advantage of economies of scale in a democratized format. They develop new games, invest in assets, and reduce risk for players. They serve the entire industry vertically integrated.

Naturally, guilds are a built in market that would demand Tokenized Time. It's nearly the same concept for DAO contributors. It can act as Proof of Contribution for designers, managers, engineers and professionals and collateral against receivables.



Some key concepts to think around from a never ending list:

  • Tools that effectively bridge real world time into a token
  • Traditional business models that can be disrupted with tokenized time
  • Novel venture opportunities that could emerge out of decentralized capital formation
  • Financing growth
  • Democratizing risk

User Interfaces

  • Existing consumer facing networks (ie: Ride share apps, outsourcing websites)
  • Aggregating labor to complete decentralized tasks and real world task

WorkFi Protocols

  • Futures Markets for producers of raw Time to sell risk.
  • Insurance markets for Time producers to mitigate risks to real world output (ie: health, disability)
  • Derivatives markets (CTS)
  • Loan markets for holders of Time

Pricing optimizers

  • On chain competitive analysis that optimizes and surges the price of your time


  • Tokenized certificates


  • On chain testing verifications
  • Real world quality
  • Profile authenticity

Professional Services

  • Removing third party bias on scheduling
  • Rates competitively priced with on chain data
  • Booking contracts

Guilds and DAO's

  • Vertically integrated to match consumers with products (ie: House Builders Guild, Banana Guild, `Symphony Guild)
  • Guilds that cover specific territories
  • Skilled Professional franchise guilds
  • Rental Guilds (ie: cars, homes)

New protocols built on top of Tokenized Time could test the limits of throughput.


This project serves as a completely new dynamic for Web3 integration. It's meant to solve real world problems and provide real world value with the latest decentralized technology and capacity. The write up is meant to be expansive on the topic and it's a non definitive work in progress. More details will continue to be added over time as the project unfolds.

If you have an idea, there is a community of people that can help you build it. Do you need a project advisor? Capital? Technical support? Someone to hash out your idea? Reach out for a solution.

@filetbolognese on Twitter for research and engagement


This is not advice for any reason. It's not legal advice, it's not financial advice, it's not investing advice and it's not accounting advice. The information is for entertainment purposes and not warranted to be accurate. Do your own research. Buying tokens is risky and they may lose any and all value. Don't buy more than you can afford to lose. The author may or may not hold tokens mentioned herein, and may or may not trade them.

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