DKODA Labs Raises 1M Pre-Seed To Build Out Financial NFT Primitives

Hi 👋 We’re DKODA Labs …. A dedicated team of engineers, scientists, traders, and artists building primitives for NFT-based economies. 

We’re excited to formally introduce ourselves to the world and share that we’ve raised $1M from some of the most brilliant angels and funds to build DKODA Labs. We're creating and scaling an ecosystem to support the many NFT-based economies that'll arise in the coming years.

We believe in a more equitable and efficient NFT market. In this vision, creators around the globe create and contribute to these liquid NFT markets, supported by fans and investors from all economic backgrounds. In addition to art, NFTs will form the bedrock of countless verticals as this foundational technology commands wider adoption. An ecosystem of tooling will be necessary to support the many different builders, service providers, and users who want to participate in this new world. 

While the latest wave of NFT activity was exciting and rewarding for many, we are still in desperate need of the core building blocks for any market to grow and mature. We're active participants in the market and deeply connected to the dynamics of this space. At DKODA, we're contributing our expertise to making ERC721-based markets more durable, sustainable, and approachable. 

Our Lab has a broad vision, with a core focus on critical solutions that can scale and grow with the participation of other builders. Our first project, DKODA, is a sophisticated NFT pricing oracle giving anyone a powerful infrastructural tool for analysis and building solutions around NFT markets.

Our most recent endeavor, and most ambitious, is Wasabi.  Wasabi is a decentralized NFT options protocol to issue and trade NFTs as non-fungible tokens. Collectors issue options to make stable, low-risk income by collecting premiums, while market participants capitalize on the market's volatility by exercising or trading options. Through this primitive in NFT financialization, Wasabi is bringing liquidity and accessibility to artists, collectors, and speculators worldwide.

Like much of our work, Wasabi is a core primitive that others can leverage to create a wide range of applications and use cases around permissionless derivatives, insurance, and NFT-based financial services. This is an entirely different enterprise from DKODA, which we hope will grow into a fully decentralized community governed on-chain with the help of a non-profit foundation. 

You’ve probably seen us lurking in discord, but if you haven’t, feel free to stop by our Wasabi Discord or reach out to us on Twitter.  

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