Clique V3 Announcement

As revealed in our 2023 roadmap article, STP is focused on its mission to build an ecosystem optimized for DAOs. We are progressing on our early initiative to build a platform of tools & infrastructure that empower DAO creation & management while improving daily workflows and efficiency in Web3. 

Based on feedback and proposals from over 200 DAOs in our ecosystem - We are beyond excited to announce Clique V3, which will include the Web3 Workspace, DApp Store, and SDK. The first iteration of V3 will be available on testnet in early May including core features of the Workspace. 

May’s iteration is just the beginning in terms of features. Our vision is for Clique to become an end-to-end feature packed platform with integrations across the top tools in the DAO space.

Here are the initial highlighted features of V3:

1. Governance

The updated voting system allows community members to gain extra voting powers by contributing to the DAO. DAOs, on the other hand, can set up quests to attract more non-token holders on Clique. Tasks such as social media interactions and on-chain transactions can be customized and automatically verified.

2. Team Management

DAO admins can set up a team framework and assign roles to team members. 

They can also post jobs and accept applications from a great pool of web3 builders on Clique. Users can also get job tickers and gain reputations by working and contributing for DAOs.

3. Task management

DAO admins can create a customized task management dashboard. The dashboard can be turned into To-Do lists or roadmaps with different templates. 

Task owners can either create an individual task or initiate a task associated with a passed proposal. They can modify task details such as assignee, deadline, and details. They can also drag and drop tasks to different columns.

4. Calendar

The calendar allows admins to mark important dates, events and deadlines and open to communities.

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