Nevermined is the WEB3 Access, Transparency and Monetization stack for Data and AI.
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Announcement — The Nevermined Marketplace to monetize AI & Data is LIVE 🚀

Today we begin offering AI Developers and Data Owners the opportunity to monetize and commercialize their valuable assets, using Smart Subscriptions, a novel approach that reinvents outdated subscriptions by combining usage rules with smart contracts.
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Create your own AI assistant with Nevermined and Llama Index

Creating an AI assistant is all the rage. But then what?

Monetizing AI services with Smart Subscriptions

This is the first post of a series showing how Nevermined enables the monetization of AI as well as Data. In this article we discuss our latest features, which allow for the monetization and access control of AI web services using Nevermined’s Smart Subscriptions\*. We’ll cover the monetization of Data later.\*

Data will become the bottleneck for AI. How ironic.

Data is the primary rate limiting factor to the progress of Artificial Intelligence. This is our strong belief and one of the motivations for building Nevermined. So, academic research stating that “stock of high-quality language data will be exhausted soon; likely before 2026”  provides a huge validation of our value proposition.

NFTs are dead, long live NFT utility!

How a second generation of NFTs can be used to provide ownership and bring interactivity and NFT utility to digital assets

4 reasons why Web3 is a Critical Enabler for AI

With the AI hype firmly re-invigorated, we want to point out how Web3 tech will be a ‘critical enabler’ for the future for both AI and Data.