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The Dream DAO (powered by Civics Unplugged)

The Dream DAO (powered by Civics Unplugged)

Our non-profit trains and funds proven Gen Z leaders around the world to explore web3 & leverage its power to build a solarpunk future.
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Leaders of Web3 - Celo’s Community Development Partner, Daniel Olarte

The ascent of blockchain technology has truly opened a portal to a parallel universe, one teeming with opportunities for leadership, especially among Generation Z. Famously tech-savvy and equipped with an insatiable desire to make a real dent in the world, Gen Z is showing up in the blockchain industry. In this parallel universe, a thrilling alliance between DreamDAO and Celo is unfolding, to make it more and more like a reality.
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Dream DAO interviews Celo’s DevRel Lead, Anna Alexa

Celo means zeal, to take care, or be careful, and that’s what Celo is doing with our ecosystem. 

Who is Building the Global CashApp Web3? Interview With Valora’s CEO, Jackie Bona

“We have the opportunity to serve people, no matter where they are. If you have a mobile phone, you can use Valora.”
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Dream DAO interview with cLabs’ head of product; interviewing Celo leaders, series

‘’You have to make sure that you take care of your people’’, Alberto Martin on how it feels to be a leader.
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Dream DAO X Web3 Conf,Goa

One of the biggest ways to empower young minds is by helping them to explore and meet passionate folks. On August 12th, Dream DAO builders and Champion headed to India's one of the first web3 conferences to meet and learn from like-minded regen web3 folks in Goa and soak up all the good vibes!
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The World’s Best Workplace

Unless you’re secretly a billionaire — or Elon Musk — you probably want to work at your dream job one day (read: every day).
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A Regen Intro to Web3

What this guide is: Short, quick reference guide for beginners to web3 who are interested in learning how this technology can be used to create positive social impact.
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Introducing "The Dream DAO": Building A Better Future The Web3 Way 🌍

The story of the Dream DAO starts with Civics Unplugged, a 501(c)(3) social enterprise founded in 2019 that empowers the leaders of Gen Z with the training, funding, and network they need to build a brighter future for humanity.