Module Curation DAO evaluation criteria

Every Module that wants to operate on the general subnet 0 has to be approved onto its whitelist by the Module Curation DAO. The DAO is a diverse set of longterm community members from different parts of the community that evaluates s0 modules on their value proposition to commune. This blog is meant as a guidance and orientation on what to consider for both the DAO and module applicants.

If you want to apply to the subnet 0 whitelist follow this guide.

7 foundational evaluation principles for whitelist applicants:

  • the value proposition of the module to Commune has to be clear, transparent and verifiable

  • every s0 module needs a visual representation, like a website or a github repository depending on what it is, that explains it in detail and collects all relevant sources.

  • if the module is an endpoint, it needs to be functional and work as claimed

  • if the module is an endpoint, it needs to be accessible through a frontend

  • if the module is an endpoint that is intended to be integrated into applications, such as an oracle, it needs fully-equipped API documentation

  • the module owner needs to be active on the Commune AI discord, telegram or twitter (optimally all) to represent the module and answer questions

  • if the module represents the funding of a in-development project or bounty, there should be a clear milestone based public plan that sets expectations for its progress

5 foundational evaluation principles for modules already on the whitelist:

  • if a module starts violating the above evaluation criteria after its approval, unless there is good reason it should be removed

  • if a module stops working and the owner is not seen actively working towards restoring its functionality within 3 days, it is removed

  • if a module (including validators) is ever caught engaging in malicious acitivty misaligned with the collective interest of Commune, it is immediately removed

  • if the module owner is inactive and ignoring the communities questions, it is removed after trying to personally contact them first

  • if the module represents the funding of a in-development project or bounty, there needs to be a progress update at least every 3 days and show transparency on use of funds

    note that these guidelines are not ultimate laws, they are strong suggestions but DAO members always have to evaluate based on the context and decide what makes the most sense for themselves.


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