NeorderDAO V2 Instructions
May 18th, 2022

General notes:

  1. Before the deployment of V2 version, V1.5 will be deployed. V1.5 version will be the minimalist version of NeorderDAO, will lock 80% of tokens, only available for FOMOTrading and communication incentives. Deployment of the formal contract may be within a month after the release of V1.5.
  2. We will bring in investment agencies, several agencies already agree with the concept and mechanism of NeorderDAO, and are currently negotiating, the list of agencies will be announced after the financing is completed. In the white paper we said that the current mechanism of DAO is too pan-political and idealistic, and the same goes for the complete non-fundraising actions. We decided to change this error and release about 10% of N3DR, with a valuation of $10 million, to raise 1 million USDT.
  3. The majority of this USDT will be added to the liquidity pool, and part of it will be used for marketing and developing new features, with each expense being reported on a monthly financial report to the exact 1 USDT.
  4. As DAO, should have let all DAO members participate in the building process, now in order to make everyone trust us more, also the whole network looking for contract technology engineers to move forward with us, together with the review of the code security. The previous code has been open source, although V2 version will have some changes, but we suggest that you can start with V1 version to understand. We call on engineers across the network to join us in finding bugs and vulnerabilities. Any significant contribution will be rewarded with 300000N3DR or 10000USDT, and small vulnerabilities with solutions will be rewarded with 30000N3DR or 1000USDT. We also welcome contract engineers to nominate themselves to complete part of the development work, then our online time may be faster.
  5. NeorderDAO V2 will abandon complex feature options, all mechanisms will be simplified to a certain level, making it easier for everyone to participate in the new and interesting mechanism of NeorderDAO.

NeorderDAO V2 Mechanism Changes Description:

The following changes are all early design, subject to the final release version.

  1. About the economic model
    10% Investor
    10% Treasury
    40% Change To Earn
    7% NFT Farming
    32% LP Farming
    1% Airdrop
    The whitelist mechanism will be cancelled, and LPs with a locked position will be calculated and distributed through NFT, and NFT may become an important proof of benefits. Remove the Whale holding rewards will move into NFT Farming, communication incentives will become part of NFT's Change to earn, and simplify the bonding process to reduce learning costs, some review of Change to earn will be done in a semi-centralized way, and the review information of completed tasks will be announced to everyone through the display wall.
  2. About the commission
    10% commission is charged for each transaction transfer, of which
    10% goes to the treasury
    30% into FomoTrading
    10% goes to Change to earn
    40% NFT Bonus
    10% Minted into New Token N3FT (Symbol is tentative)
  3. Added the concept of treasury, will maintain the project's future investment, cooperation, DAO organization operations. Treasury will be managed by the committee, to hold multisignature wallet.
  4. New Token N3FT may be an algorithmic stable coin or a Rebase Token. we believe that the ecological position vacated by UST will definitely be filled by other projects. the anchoring of N3FT will be done through NFT and Change to earn, the mechanism will be designed.
  5. The details of the behavior of Change to Earn will be announced later, but it is certain that the original mechanism such as communication incentive will be simplified and added, and we will choose the easiest way to quantify and audit the early design, and may encourage the behavior of real social attributes such as sharing with your fans and making friends.
  6. FOMOTrading will adjust the jackpot mechanism
    The entry amount for a single transaction will be adjusted to 200 USDT
    The winning candidates will be expanded to all traders who meet the entry amount criteria from the time the jackpot is drawn.

From the above changes, this is almost a new project, so it will take a lot of time to update and modify the contract, as well as to determine the security. The biggest innovation is that it will be in the form of X to Earn, with NFT as the most important proof of benefits.

We would appreciate your patience, but you should see our sincerity, efficiency, ability to adjust and innovation.

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