May 18th, 2022

General notes:

  1. Before the deployment of V2 version, V1.5 will be deployed. V1.5 version will be the minimalist version of NeorderDAO, will lock 80% of tokens, only available for FOMOTrading and communication incentives. Deployment of the formal contract may be within a month after the release of V1.5.
  2. We will bring in investment agencies, several agencies already agree with the concept and mechanism of NeorderDAO, and are currently negotiating, the list of agencies will be announced after the financing is completed. In the white paper we said that the current mechanism of DAO is too pan-political and idealistic, and the same goes for the complete non-fundraising actions. We decided to change this error and release about 10% of N3DR, with a valuation of $10 million, to raise 1 million USDT.
  3. The majority of this USDT will be added to the liquidity pool, and part of it will be used for marketing and developing new features, with each expense being reported on a monthly financial report to the exact 1 USDT.
  4. As DAO, should have let all DAO members participate in the building process, now in order to make everyone trust us more, also the whole network looking for contract technology engineers to move forward with us, together with the review of the code security. The previous code has been open source, although V2 version will have some changes, but we suggest that you can start with V1 version to understand. We call on engineers across the network to join us in finding bugs and vulnerabilities. Any significant contribution will be rewarded with 300000N3DR or 10000USDT, and small vulnerabilities with solutions will be rewarded with 30000N3DR or 1000USDT. We also welcome contract engineers to nominate themselves to complete part of the development work, then our online time may be faster.
  5. NeorderDAO V2 will abandon complex feature options, all mechanisms will be simplified to a certain level, making it easier for everyone to participate in the new and interesting mechanism of NeorderDAO.

NeorderDAO V2 Mechanism Changes Description:

May 11th, 2022

It has been 24 hours since the event and NeorderDAO thought it would be a good time to make a statement:

As a DAO we didn't actually raise any money, we added all the whitelist to the liquidity pool, and as a founding team we spent a lot of time and developing costs, nevertheless, all the token held by the early team was purchased when the project went online. We were very heartbroken that this happened, but as an early team, we must give everyone a solution regardless of the process.

After 8 hours of design by the team and with our desire to add the NFT X to Earn model, we decided the following prototype compensation plan:

  • we will fix all vulnerabilities, send to the audit agency to re-audit, cancel all privilege contracts, while mapping the block height 17689798 to redeploy the contract, the previous contract will be null and void. neorderDAO will re-add liquidity base pool 100,000 USDT. at the same time, we will simplify all mechanisms, not only to protect the contract At the same time, but also to reduce the learning costs of new users.
  • the official NFT is still in the final design work, so will release the early version, NFT will be classified into 4 levels, corresponding to Apprentice, skilled, Expert, GrandMaster. pricing is arranged from low to high, all the addresses affected by the hack will be counted. The exact pricing will be announced later, we have to calculate.
May 11th, 2022

We suffered a very painful experience. On 2022.5.10 UTC 18:40 18:42 18:54 respectively 70 million N3DRs were sold by hackers. the exact operation has been detailed by security company @Blocksec. We will also closely investigate whether it is specifically an INSIDE job.


May 8th, 2022

If social networks such as Facebook, Twitter, Tiktok, YouTube, Instagram is an essential innovation of Web 2.0, then into the wave of Web 3.0, SocialFi will become the basic logic of the overall value network.

NeorderDAO is a decentralized autonomous organization that helps people reclaim their discourse under the trend of Web 3.0 and return the benefits of technological development taken by  companies, organizations and governments in Web 2.0. Its official website Neorder.io was launched on May 5th at 13:00 UTC, with the opening of three core functions: FomoTrading, Central node system and Social-Defi. The governance token, N3DR, listed on PancakeSwap at the same time, with a peak of 2200% and a stable 500% increase on the first day of launch.

Currently, N3DR holders have exceeded 8000, the pool size is also increasing gradually, the predictable result is that the liquidity pool will getting bigger and bigger, the number of consensus reached is more and more, NeorderDAO will give the benefits to the early supporters would be more and more generous.

April 22nd, 2022

1. Welcome Farkas, the core contributor of NeorderDAO, can you introduce yourself and NeorderDAO briefly?

Hello, I'm Farkas, my father is a German and my mother is Hungarian, she still lives in Debrecen, Farkas means wolf in Hungarian. I've been a big fan of reading since I was a kid and a Nerd to others, so I did a master's degree in scientific philosophy after college.

I joined in the blockchain industry in 2017, I've been in the early design of operating many projects, including networks, gamefi, and DAO now. before entering the business, I was in the publishing industry until the Kindle basically destroyed It LOL. But that's technology metabolizes the way of lifestyle, right? I'm basically this kind of man. Let me tell you about NeorderDAO.