NeorderDAO Compensation Plan
May 11th, 2022

It has been 24 hours since the event and NeorderDAO thought it would be a good time to make a statement:

As a DAO we didn't actually raise any money, we added all the whitelist to the liquidity pool, and as a founding team we spent a lot of time and developing costs, nevertheless, all the token held by the early team was purchased when the project went online. We were very heartbroken that this happened, but as an early team, we must give everyone a solution regardless of the process.

After 8 hours of design by the team and with our desire to add the NFT X to Earn model, we decided the following prototype compensation plan:

  • we will fix all vulnerabilities, send to the audit agency to re-audit, cancel all privilege contracts, while mapping the block height 17689798 to redeploy the contract, the previous contract will be null and void. neorderDAO will re-add liquidity base pool 100,000 USDT. at the same time, we will simplify all mechanisms, not only to protect the contract At the same time, but also to reduce the learning costs of new users.
  • the official NFT is still in the final design work, so will release the early version, NFT will be classified into 4 levels, corresponding to Apprentice, skilled, Expert, GrandMaster. pricing is arranged from low to high, all the addresses affected by the hack will be counted. The exact pricing will be announced later, we have to calculate.
  • NFT will serve 3 basic functions.

    a. As a proof of the commission, currently set at 4%, all the LP mining part of the original commission will be transferred to NFT.

    b. NFT will become the LP Staking Certificate, which can be used for staking through NFT, and will be automatically switched to the relevant LP when staking.

    c. Will enjoy 20% tax rate on all FOMOTrading Jackpot rewards when drawn.

  • NFT in the future will carry out more functions, especially in the aspects of social networking, including change social account avatar, change unhealthy lifestyle, stop others with racial, geographical, national, ideological areas of discrimination, to help people in need, share the specified links, and bring new users, etc. Those behavior will get credit, when credits reach a certain number of points can be replaced with N3DR or New NFT. NFT will also support synthetic assets that can be combined and upgraded to higher levels of NFT, which we call ‘’change to earn‘’, because by changing yourself, you can change the world.

  • All hacker things affected users will be airdropped early vision NFT and will be able to level up to the full version of NFT when it is released. The total amount of airdropped NFT will be converted based on the block height snapshot according to the price at the time, and all users' positions and LPs will be calculated. At the same time, users who buy-in after the hacker incident will also be airdropped with NFT of the equivalent buy-in amount. when the amount is not a whole number, it will be distributed greater than the purchase amount.

NeorderDAO's compensation plan in the form of NFT is based on several considerations.

First, to satisfy the need to compensate all users, if we use the N3DR compensation directly, there will be a cash run and no one will be able to get the appropriate compensation. We will also lose all our users.

Secondly, to compensate more for the early supporters in the time dimension. We have modified the mechanism so that before the full NFT offering, this part of the revenue will be exclusively enjoyed by the users who received the influence. We have measured the mechanism so that once the project is up and running, not only will we see the earnings quickly, but the speed of recovering the losses will be significant. Correspondingly, the revenue generated after the loss is recovered will also be significant.

Third, as a Web3 project, NFT is an important strategy for NeorderDAO, and it is only natural that this part of the strategy allows early users to enjoy the privilege first.

NeorderDAO once again feel sorry for the tragedy that occurred, for your loss we will not sleep, we will increase the intensity of work, together with the community, together with the DAO builders in distress, we will not cover up, nor will hide. Without the support of DAO members, there would be no NeorderDAO and no vision of the future.

Again, We condemn the actions of the hackers, you stole not only USDT, but the efforts of many people involved in the construction of a new world.

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