Liquidity Boom on Tsunami Exchange

Hi all! Welcome to the first sprint by Tsunami Exchange! 🚀

Sprint is a time period (usually from a week to a month), which is set aside for performing certain actions, in our case it is providing liquidity to USDT Vault of Tsunami Exchange.

Important note: only USDT-ERC20 tokens are accepted for liquidity provision.

The mission 📝

💣 Provide as much liquidity as possible during the sprint, which will last two weeks from 29 May to 12 June (the amount of liquidity will be counted by the formula: number of USDT provided - number of USDT withdrawed, the minimum amount - 50 USDT);

💣 Fill in the participant form;

💣 Check out the leaderboard at the link to compete with the rest sprinters (leaderboard will be updated every day);

💣 Post about the sprint on your social media and get +100 XP to your total points (>25 likes on post).

Rewards 🎁

💣 Every USDT provided in liquidity on Tsunami Exchange will be converted into experience points on Zealy at a 2:1 ratio. What does it mean? If you deposit 50 USDT, you will get 25 XP, if you deposit 1,000 USDT, you will get 500 XP.

*Why do I need experience points and what do I get for them? Read more in our article 👉 link 👈.

💣 If you're not already participating in our Zealy contests, it's time to get to know them better: 👉 link 👈.

💣 The first 3 places of the leaderboard with the maximum amount of liquidity provided will receive NFT in addition to experience points.

💣 All participants get the most profitable APR on stablecoins within the ecosystem [94% at the time of writing].

💣 And also 1600 TSN as additional rewards (1000 in the first week and 600 in the second week)!

How to get liquidity in? 📌

Inside the Waves network

1️⃣ Go to the Vaults tab on Tsunami Exchange at this link.

2️⃣ Sign in using your Waves wallet by clicking Connect Wallet button.

3️⃣ Deposit USDT by clicking on the Provide button.

4️⃣ If you don't already have USDT, you can buy them here:

From outside networks

To get started you will need a Waves wallet, which you can create at the link. All further operations on Tsunami Exchange will be done with this wallet.

Option one (for amounts starting from 500 USDT)

1️⃣ The easiest way to get USDT-ERC20 from external networks is to use the built-in bridge in Tsunami Exchange at the link. Connect Metamask or any other wallet that supports USDT-ERC20 right inside the widget and enter the amount of tokens you are going to provide.

2️⃣ After establishing USDT (usually takes about 15-30 minutes), provide liquidity* through the link by clicking on Provide button.

Take a note that you will need some Waves to pay the fee. You can get them any way you want at this link.

In this variant it will be more profitable to deposit the amount more than 500 USDT in connection with a fee payment in ETH network.

Option two (from 50 USDT)

1️⃣ Add Waves tokens from other networks into the Waves network.

2️⃣ Exchange them for USDT-ERC20 on any platform convenient for you:

Do not forget to leave some Waves for fee payments (0.1 Waves is enough for all transactions).

3️⃣ Provide liquidity through the link by clicking on Provide button, pre-make a login with your Waves wallet.

This option offers lower fees, but more time to implement.

Option three (if you have USDT-BEP20, for amounts to 100 USDT)

1️⃣ Go to the bridge page at the link.

2️⃣ Enter the amount of USDT-BEP20 you are going to provide.

3️⃣ Connect a wallet with your USDT-BEP20, enter the desired amount of tokens and confirm the transfer.

4️⃣ Exchange USDT-BEP20 into USDT-ERC20 in this pool.

5️⃣ Once you have established your USDT (it usually takes about 15-30 minutes), provide liquidity* through the link by clicking on Provide button.

*Be aware that you will need some Waves to pay the fee. You can purchase them any way you want at this link.

This option offers low fees and will suit those who don't have USDT-ERC20 but have USDT-BEP20. However, keep in mind that the exchange pool does not contain much liquidity, so this option is not suitable for depositing large amounts of USDT-BEP20.

You can also try on your own to find a better option for token bridging using the links above.

What's next 🤔

After you have provided tokens to liquidity, fill out this form so that we can check the amount of tokens you have contributed and reward you experience points. The leaderboard will be updated daily! 🎁

Enjoy high APR, cool rewards and the prestigious title of liquidity provider on Tsunami Exchange! 💙

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