Digest 04/23. Through hardship to the stars

Hello! It's the last month of spring before the beautiful summer season. Before we dive into the warm days of May, we invite you to read our digest of what our team accomplished in the past month of Tsunami Exchange.
Enjoy reading!

Interface updates

April passed very fruitfully. The first half of the month was devoted to fixing bugs in the trading app and implementing new design solutions. Thus, we appeared a separate page for liquidity provision, and the interface itself became more informative and clear. We are proud of the work done!

Liquidity Provision page
Liquidity Provision page

Divergent positions

One of the key updates in our trading app is the appearance of divergent positions, i.e. holding long and short positions simultaneously. It means that with the appearance of the limit orders, traders will be able to use a variety of trading strategies. The limit orders themselves will appear in the next update.

  • Making profit on short-term market movements. By holding a medium-term position, a trader can open a position in the other direction, catching the corrective market movement, without changing the main position;

  • Gain by holding an open position and creating a limit order in the counter direction. This example resembles the previous one, with the difference in the use of stop loss and take profit orders. In this example, the execution of a limit order will not automatically close the main position, and the user can control all limits set independently.

Creation of the divergent position
Creation of the divergent position

Trading tournaments

Yes, tournaments are available now! Trade, close positions with positive P&L, move up the leaderboard and get the rewards you deserve!

Traders leaderboard
Traders leaderboard

USDT pairs

The second half of the month was filled with hot events. PepeTeam successfully launched new bridges and USDT came to Tsunami Exchange. Providing liquidity in USDT with nice APR of ~300% and trading to USDT is already available in our trading app.

P.S. look out, who knows, maybe there will be a POWER fairdrop for early USDT liquidity providers?

New USDT trading pairs
New USDT trading pairs


The biggest event in April was the announcement of a large-scale campaign called MEGADROP, which combines activities for absolutely every Tsunami Exchange user.

Join MEGADROP by Tsunami Exchange
Join MEGADROP by Tsunami Exchange

In short: the campaign involves a huge airdrop in the proportions 20 : 40 : 40 for the community : traders : liquidity providers.

The main task is to accumulate the necessary trading volume for the duration of the campaign. The tiered economic model offers generous rewards for reaching each stage, motivating traders and attracting new participants. TSN tokens, NFT collection, reward multiplier - ready to conquer the seas in search of Poseidon's trident?

Read about all the details of the new large-scale event in our article.

Community incentives

The community is the main component of any project, whether it's a coffee shop around the corner or a perpetual futures exchange. You, yes-you who are reading this right now, are the foundation, where each brick is part of one big house called Community.

To organically grow and engage the community, we've launched many activities on the increasingly popular web3 platform, Zealy.

Zealy.io quests by Tsunami Exchange
Zealy.io quests by Tsunami Exchange

Each quest you complete is rewarded with experience points and helps you climb to the top of the community leaderboard. At the end of MEGADROP, the top 1000 participants in the tournament table will be able to convert their XP into TSN tokens, earning other (spoiler) rewards along the way [TSN means Tsunami - quest code].

Why do we like Zealy so much? Simplicity and relevance are the key to success.

New quests from Tsunami appear daily. From Twitter following to providing liquidity. From creative assignments to intellectual threads. We're sure nothing is impossible for you. Go to link and top the standings!

Thinking about the title for this digest, I thought of an analogy with the famous proverb through hardship to the stars”. Trading volumes are beginning to grow, the APR for liquidity providers is encouraging, and we continue to do what is prescribed in our roadmap. No one and nothing can stop Tsunami.

Thank you for reading!
Your Tsunami Team 🌊

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