The 40acres DAO Monthly Newsletter #01

SXSW Recap X Bringing the Blockchain to the Block, Written by Quinn F.

This Month’s Content:

* Introduction to 40acres DAO

* Culturally Relevant Events

* This Month in Web3

* 40acres x SXSW Activation Recap

* Call To Action


40acres is a social DAO dedicated to creating self-sustaining communities of color using blockchain technology. Through a deliberate focus on onboarding BIPOC creatives, students, and entrepreneurs into Web-3, the collective actively increases the diversity of the space in a tangible fashion.

Our motto? Engage, Educate, and Empower. Simply put, if not us, then who?

Culturally Relevant Events

Even during a time of war and chaos, people of African descent are discriminated against globally. If you did not know, Russia and Ukraine are beefed up right now and thousands of people have been injured or murdered due to Russia invading Ukraine. Unfortunately, there are a disturbing amount of videos showing racism and xenophobia towards Africans and other communities of color at transport stations and border points in Ukraine. Individuals and communities on social media have amplified the injustices Africans are facing in Ukraine. You can support Africans in Ukraine by sharing real news from people on the ground and donating to the Black Foreigners in Ukraine Organization.

The FIRST Black Woman to Sit on the Supreme Court

Written by Kiui A.-

In 2022, this should not be the first time we hear those words together. On February 25, 2022, Joe Biden introduced America to Ketanji Brown Jackson, J.D. a graduate of Harvard Law, Hon. Brown-Jackson first served as a law clerk to several different judges between 1996 and 2000, switching over occasionally to practice private law with a couple of different firms. Worth noting is her time as a public defender, where a Washington Post article made note of the way she “won uncommon victories against the government that shortened or erased lengthy prison terms.” This same thirst for justice was seen in July of 2009, when then-President Barack Obama nominated Brown-Jackson to become vice-chair of the US Sentencing Commission. During her time on the Commission Board, Brown-Jackson was able to help implement positive changes for sentencing drug-related offenses.

Hon. Ketanji Brown-Jackson (photo by H2rty, Wiki)

The Honorable Brown Jackson has been a catalyst for change for nearly a decade — actively lobbying for fair sentencing and challenging Trump and his cronies on things such as immigration and the* infamous impeachment trial*. Now, as the confirmation hearings start, we get to watch history unfold right before our eyes. It should be smooth sailing for one of the most tenured and qualified judges, no matter race, sex, or** religious background**, right?

Unfortunately, not.

As the confirmation hearings started on March 21st, the Hon. Judge was subjected to many questions that were, in my (and Twitter’s) humble opinion, VERY egregious! She was continuously barraged with questions irrelevant to her experience as a judge, but graciously kept her answers short, matter-of-fact, and to the point. Sen.Cory Booker did have her back throughout: “You have earned this spot. You are worthy. You are a great American.” Even the American Bar Association has given her an A+ rating, noting that everyone who interviewed her gave Judge Brown-Jackson impeccable reviews.

The way these severely racist, underqualified, and misogynistic Senators have been treating Hon. Brown-Jackson is indicative of the micro (and macro) aggressions Black Women face in the workplace and in everyday life. Her poise and grace have been applauded by those who don’t fully understand the deeper implications of these aggressions. Thankfully, the bigger picture is being seen. Little black and brown girls are watching, and with this nomination — no, *confirmation ..*we can make HERstory a beautiful one.

Hon. Ketanji Brown-Jackson + her daughter, Leila. (photo by Sarabeth Mainey, NTY)

This Month In Web3

TriBL, a social money pooling platform built by Ikechi Nwabuisi has officially launched! This mobile application focuses on Pan-African Economic Empowerment by enabling users to create or join investor clubs with friends. What makes TriBL unique is the user capability to invest in a wide range of assets while promoting social engagement and community building through group economics. Be sure to follow this link to download TriBL and find your tribe!

As we know, America is obsessed with leading the global financial world, by any means necessary. For Cryptocurrency enthusiasts and investors who were concerned about strict regulations and restrictions, you can breathe, for now. Biden’s executive order will direct various government agencies to begin researching the development of a state-backed cryptocurrency, Central Bank Digital Currency (CBDC). Will this state-backed cryptocurrency build financial wealth for minority American citizens or will it only benefit the pockets of the One percent? We will keep a close eye on how this executive order will affect us in the Web3 space and beyond.

40acresDAO X SXSW Activation Recap

40acres DAO were in the streets of Austin, TX strongly and heavily during SXSW from March 17th-19th. 40acres DAO X Disrupt.Art curated several pertinent Web3 panels and creative events that centered and highlighted Communities of Color, Womxn, and the LGBTQIA+ community within Web3. We are humbly proud to say that we collectively utilized this opportunity to connect, network, and onboard Communities of Color and like-minded individuals into the Web3 space to build true diversity, equity, inclusion, and longevity.

Check out below to see what our official event schedule gave during SXSW 2022.

**Date: **Thursday, March 17th

Location: Brazos Lofts

Panel 1: Black on the Block: Innovators Building Equity on the Blockchain

Panel 2: Metaverse Movies & Music

NFT Art Gallery

Black Squid Games Live Activation

David Bianchi Live Activation Mint

Lyricist Happy Hour (Disrupt The Flow)

40acres DAO and Disrupt Art held an amazing Web3 activation event in Downtown Austin during SXSW. The activation event consisted of panels with forward-thinking powerhouse panelists, live activation NFT minting, a live NFT Art Gallery, a music mixer, and more. Refreshments, snacks, and an open bar were provided with great Spring-Esque kickback vibes.

Date: Friday, March 18th

Location: Flowmagin Studios

Panel 1: Context to the Culture

Panel 2: NFT & Films

On day two, the team vibed out in East Austin at Flowmagin Studios, a newly Black-owned multi-purpose playful wellness studio. There were two panels presented that consisted of very pertinent players within the Web3 ecosystem. The panelists excelled with intelligence, enticing the audience to reflect on their experiences and knowledge.

Date: Saturday, March 19th

Location: Flowmagin Studios

Panel 1: LGBTQ+ & Web3

Panel 2: Womxn Run The Block

INFLOW Launch Party @ InFLOW House

Last but not least, our day three-event started and ended with a bang! We connected at Flowmagin Studios to hold love and space for two very necessary and vital panels. The panelists for LGBTQ+ & Web3 and Womxn Run The Block shared their wisdom, universal truths, and prophetic messages IRL. Day turned into the night, so 40Acres decided to commune to True Food Kitchen, a restaurant in Austin, TX where the 40acres DAO was conceptualized. The team ended the night off real proper at INFLOW’s Launch Party. INFLOW is a Black-owned music social token launchpad platform on the $FLOW Blockchain.

In closing, we truly appreciate the love, guidance, and support we received from everyone during SXSW 2022.

40acres Alliance Collection

40acres Alliance Collection is a culmination of the diverse minds and imaginations of community members from the 40acresDAO. Our Genesis Collection represents our past, present, future, triumphs, and potential. Each member received an acre to showcase their amazing NFT Artwork. Our first four acres showcase artwork from the legendary Elijah Brumfield, Tiara Kinnebrew, UGO, and Kiwi.

Please support our community members and DAO by collecting some rare powerful NFT Art pieces from Melanated Creatives making a difference.

Click here to collect some amazing NFT Art pieces now.

Call To Action

40acres DAO is a community-operated DAO created by people of color for people of color. As we know, resources for communities of color, specifically Melanated Black-Brown communities, are historically (and presently) scarce and are not equitably distributed. To help us continue to build and support Melanated creatives, we humbly and strongly recommend our collectors and supporters to subscribe to our monthly newsletters and tip us with support via The profits will be split between contributing creatives while also supporting the 40acres DAO, which in return will support Communities of Color.

We are always onboarding authentic members (from all walks of life) who have keen skills and are not afraid to share and showcase them. If this speaks to you, fill out the form to become a member of our DAO and join our Discord Server.

                 **Engage. Educate. Empower.**
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