"The Auction" is Now an Open Edition for 8 hours on Feb 7th. Here's the 411...

It’s time for the final chapter of Cursed Emojis - “The Auction" Open Edition that supports creators.

On Tuesday, February 7th, we’re hosting a special event to feature a new piece of digital art made by yung jake – using your Cursed Emojis

When: On Tuesday 2/7 at 2-10 PM EST the auction portion of Cursed Emojis goes Live! The Art: yung jake is creating a work made from the 187 Cursed Emojis created by 1/24
The Auction Format: Open Edition at .009 ETH
Does the Open Edition Unlock Something?: No, but burning it might. Stay Tuned 😈

We chose an open edition to make the NFT accessible at 0.009 ETH for an 8-hour period. Anyone can purchase up to 25. The proceeds will go 50% to yung jake and the other 50% will be split amongst the 187 Cursed Emojis created by 1/24.

Let's make them rich!

Sales divided 50% to yung jake & 50% split amongst the 187 selected Cursed Emojis
Sales divided 50% to yung jake & 50% split amongst the 187 selected Cursed Emojis

RMX is for Creators

We support creators. RMX believes everyone is a creator.

From our earliest conversations w/ yung jake, Cursed Emojis was intended to be an experiment in co-creation and royalty sharing. With hundreds of original NFTs made by you, our community, using Jake’s bases and traits – that’s what we did.

Open Edition > Auction
We had always intended to end the Cursed Emoji experiment in a public auction of work yung jake made from Cursed Emojis.

We are inspired by the open edition burn mechanic we’ve seen used so ingeniously by Defy, Nyan Balloon, and Turf Cartridges. We believe the open edition auction is an accessible and fun way to let the wider community support each other and participate in the Cursed Emojis experiment.

***What does the open edition unlock?***🔥🔥🔥

Burn to Create
Burn to Create

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