If I Ever F*** Up; Treat Me Like Cooper Turley

I first learned about Cooper Turley in October when he was featured on Chase Chapman’s On The Other Side podcast. I followed that by watching the interview Cooper did with Bankless and I can not lie, Cooper has helped me shape many of my own opinions and strategies on how to assist in building TBA DAO.

But this week Cooper was called out for leaving tweets of him using racial slurs on his Twitter timeline.

IMO, the funniest tweet of the bunch was when Cooper tweeted:

“Gotta give that nigga ray ray some credit #boss”

This is funny because my dad's name was Ray Ray and he died in prison. He actually has been in the prison system since he was 12 years old so I never got a chance to build a sustainable relationship with him before he passed. I have rid myself of that trauma years ago so, unlike most people, I laughed out loud when I saw these tweets buy Cooper. I have reprogrammed myself to not let racist people or actions bother me the way they used to. I have decided to take back my power and instead of getting emotional and stressed over words; I want to use that same power and energy to manifest my future.

However, I do know that I will never be perfect. So I understand Cooper Turley’s reaction to his tweets. I just want to hold the Web3 community accountable for giving me the same compassion and support if I ever reach a low point in my life.

Here are a few tweets that show just how compassionate the Web3 community can be and I hope this continues for all races, sexes, lifestyles, and cultures: **

There are hundreds of more supporting messages for Cooper. These seemed like the most compassionate.

KTSE Web3 community, KTSE!

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