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Doubts: Development, Technology, And Stereotype

October 02
Is Development Really The Way To Go? Does Technology Really Solves Our Problems? How Do We Get Influenced By Our Stereotypes?
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Books Don't Tell You Everything

January 19
What you read is incomplete. They enforce a point, and disregard opposing points. While they boost your confidence, they don't inform you well.

Trust Issues

July 15
Trust is one of the pillars of any relationship. Without trust, any relationship breaks down. Most people don’t really understand trust. Most people take their feelings for granted. I read you, you are trying to disapprove me, saying: “No, people don’t take trust for granted. See, there are companies that says ‘we build our products on trust’ and ‘we aim to ensure that our customers continue to trust us by doing what we said’, etc.” Believe me or not, these are people whom only understand trust at a surface level; and believe me or not, these people may apply trust in their workplace, but not at their home place. And believe me or not, workplace is never more important than homeplace. And believe me or not, that you need to trust more in your homeplace than in your workplace. And lastly, believe me or not, trust in homeplace with your close relationship is more complicated than trust in workplace with customers.

Bai Huang and the AI Story

July 03
“Ahhh! You guys! You guys dare opposes me! Then shall this city pay for your opposing price!”

The Importance of Knowledge And How It Evolves

June 28
Intertribal communication and sharing of different skills opens the door to larger population aggregation, from tribes to cities to countries to empires. Let’s look at how knowledge evolves and transferred as time passes. All in all, we aim to become a more knowledgeable person.

Blockchain Safety

June 25
Blockchain Safety, or Web3 Safety, refers to a field researching on how blockchain and web3 brings negative implication to end users daily lives.

How To Code An On-Chain Search Engine

June 15
People always say, searching on the blockchain is slower than on the database. Today, we'll look at how to code basic fast search engine on-chain.

If People Can Get It For Free, Why Would They Pay?

June 14
For lots of people, if they could access the content on the internet for free, and if their earnings couldn't afford luxuries, why would they pay?

Comfort Will Ruin Your Life

June 11
We have been too comfortable with life. Technology and others' efforts allow us to take things for granted. As we relax, the unseen dangers now comes back.