Meet the team: Anton

Hey Anton! Tell our subscribers a bit about your role in Oaziz DAO!

I am engaged in solving business problems: together with the product team, we planned a roadmap for constructing the house of Web3 tools for a year, assessed the development, and prioritized the development of functionality. Currently, we are preparing to release NFT Ticketing on the Polygon chain.

I do sprint planning and quality control in collaboration with backend and smart-contract developers.

I am also engaged in building the application architecture. I focus on developing a straightforward and convenient interface for any user, including Web3 beginners.

Why did you decide to join the project?

When I started working at Blockshow in 2018, the understanding that blockchain is the future came to me. Web3 development will require a lot of new technical solutions, and I love to explore and create new tools. Addy inspired me to join Oaziz by sharing the idea of the project. The article below reveals the incredible development potential of the project.

What do you like the most about the Oaziz?

Startup spirit, for sure!

A few words about your hobbies?

Looking for the thrill of snowboarding on untouched powder slopes.

If you want to see some more about Anton - follow him on:

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