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We’ve already passed 10 seasons, we wanted to share a little recap of how it was – from March to September.

Season 1

Whoops. There's actually no report for Season 1. Yep, we've figured out that season reports are a good idea only during the second season. So let's start with it.

During Season 2, Oaziz still was setting up. Just like me, Nivag and others gathered logs and built houses, Oaziz team was setting up a development environment, creating UI concepts, and preparing core documents. And among that slow work –boom! NFT collection release announcement. That was boldly but totally worth it.

September 23rd, 2022

And as it's already a good tradition, let's start with the development.


Ivica, Amar, and Tony are working on NFT distribution and improving our NFT Ticketing with the scanning app and enhanced NFT management system to make it as smooth as possible for both attendees and organizers. Also, this season turned out pretty impressive for the front end. Anton polished all the NFT ticketing and a few pages of Oaziz interfaces:

  • Features Page

  • Manage Events Page

  • Manage Event: Event and NFTs pages

  • Manage NFT Ticket page

  • Minting form update: Whitelist addresses

  • Input with file upload

  • View NFT Ticket page.

September 12th, 2022

Our presentation event is over, but our NFT raffle is still going!

We'll raffle 58 NFTs among all the visitors!

To participate in our NFT giveaway, you need to:

  1. Visit our Spatial space

  2. Make the screenshot with one of our NFTs in the gallery

  3. Tweet your screenshot on your own Twitter. Don't forget to use #Oaziz #DAO #DAO Metaverse #Spatial #Event hashtags!

September 12th, 2022

And here’re some basics:

Don't switch presentation slides. We'll do it ourselves when the right time for this comes :)

Don't turn on your microphones during the presentation. You'll be able to ask your questions after the presentation.

After the start of the conference, sit on any free chair, and don't obscure the presentation for other event participants.

September 10th, 2022

Let’s be honest - no one likes Mondays. But we know how to make your Monday much better - visit Oaziz DAO NFT TIcketing Presentation in Spatial!

  • Live session with Oaziz team

  • NFT gallery

  • Free NFTs for event visitors

  • And much more!

Our team has been working on this product for a pretty long time. There were a lot of meetings, discussions, tons of work, and the heart and soul invested into this product.
Oaziz DAO NFT Ticketing is ready, and we'll be happy to present it to you!

Monday, Sep 12

September 10th, 2022

Hey there, Oaziz family!

We’ve seen a lot of activity recently and are really grateful for that. However, we want to ensure all of you will get their NFTs and avoid bots harming the airdrop.

How will NFT distribution work?

You’ll get a certain amount of NFTs for specific actions listed in the table below:

We've noticed that many of you have started actively inviting your friends to our Discord server. This is natural since invitations are one of the easiest ways to gain more XP and get additional NFTs in our airdrop. Therefore, we have prepared a short guide on how to invite friends to our cozy Discord server:

Hover over the general channel you will see a person icon - click on it in the window that appears

Select "Edit invite link", and change link time to "never".

As most of you already know, we announced the XP system on our Discord server just a few weeks ago. And I hope all of you know that we announced an airdrop of our NFT collections where XP allows you to get additional NFTs. As we see plenty of new faces in our Discord, it's important to remind you how to get XP on Oaziz Discord server.

You'll get XP for:

  • Writing a message

  • Introducing yourself

  • Publishing your meme

  • Publishing your art

  • Inviting new members to our Discord server

  • Finding a bug on our website

  • Adding events to our calendar

Those simple actions will boost your XP and may let you become Oaziz Legend!

Oaziz Legends: Pathway Home | Season #1, Episode #1
Oaziz Legends: Pathway Home | Season #1, Episode #1

Oaziz is happy to introduce our NFT collections: Oaziz Legends: Pathway Home and Oaziz Legends: Pathway Home Premium.

Oaziz Legends: Pathway Home is an NFT collection by Oaziz DAO — a Web3 ecosystem for events.

Many crypto projects hold NFT airdrops upon launching their products. Still, there is a slight difference in how we see this and all of our further airdrops — we want to tell you a fascinating, beautiful and entertaining story of how we are building a Web3 project and transforming the events space from Web2 to Web3. And this airdrop will be an excellent start for the series of stories from Oaziz.

Our story introduces you to Ottomakan, a small centipede living peacefully with his tribe.

Hey there! Ottomakan is here! This season was pretty intense. So, let's go straight to business!


Backend: Four significant goals in one season ✅

This season Ivica, Tony and Amar gladdened us with some great news. They managed to:

August 10th, 2022

Web3 is a broad term referring to a group of technologies, like cryptocurrency, NFTs, and smart contracts. We can define Web 3 as the decentralized version of the Internet based on blockchain technology.

Key Features Of Web 3

➡️ Open-sourced. Web 3 is «open» in the sense that most of its assets are created using open-source software by an open and accessible community of developers, in full view of the public. Transparency is key here, creating a more trustworthy digital environment.
➡️ Decentralized. Users have the option to engage openly and privately without the interference of intermediary parties. Their actions are taking place in a decentralized space, giving them more freedom and control to manage their data.
➡️ Permissionless. Without the necessity for approval from a controlling and centralized organization, everyone, including users and providers, can participate on an equal level in Web 3.0.
➡️ Ubiquitous access. Web 3 allows access to the Internet anytime and from any location. Web-connected gadgets will no longer be confined to computers and smartphones in the future, as they were in Web 2.0. Technology will enable the development of many intelligent devices due to the Internet of Things (IoT).

Why Is Decentralization So Important?

Hey there! Otto’s here, and today I have a new season review for you.
As it has already become a good tradition - let's start with the development.

Development. Moving slowly, but surely! 

We have a new team member joining our team this season — Anton, frontend developer. Despite joining our team recently, Anton has already show some impressive results:  finished signing in, user profile, and homepage on the frontend side. Event creation is in progress. And once that is finished - the event page is next.

Ivica, Tony and Amar are working on user verification now. Next milestone - update event creation (adding specific modules to existing infrastructure). We are building an innovative Web3 product, focused on decentralization and users’ ownership principles, so it takes more time, but we are fully committed to our vision and more then excited to share with you what we are building.

July 28th, 2022

Today we’ll tell you about Arsen - Oaziz product designer.

Hey Arsen! Tell our subscribers a bit about your role in Oaziz DAO!

I create the interface design of Oaziz. I am the only designer responsible for the interface of the product itself.

What pushed you to join Oaziz?

July 13th, 2022

It’s the eighth season of Oaziz DAO already, and we’re excited to share some results with you. Let’s start with the development part.


A backend for the following Oaziz DAO product is finished by Amar and Ivica. Anton made a setup for the front end and has already started working on that part. We had some changes in our team, so Anton had to check the code we already had, back up some reusable components, and set up basic infrastructure for UI. And we already have some results and are eager to share them with you, But it’s not the time yet J


July 9th, 2022

More than 200 New Kids On the Block NFT holders were lucky to participate in the BlockShow ticket draw. Here is our interview with one of the winners who got a ticket to the iconic worldwide Web3 Festival and the OG status!

When did you hear about the BlockShow for the first time?

I first heard about BlockShow when I was scheduling an interview with Yiying Lu about her New Kids on the Block drop on MakersPlace! While preparing for the interview, I discovered the BlockShow. Later on, I was able to chat with her and learn a bit more during the interview as well!

That’s super exciting! Are you going to use the ticket to participate in our event?

July 6th, 2022

Scams have accompanied digital assets since the early days of their invention. And most users are well aware of the security rules. However, every day we read news about new attacks. Therefore, we take this chance to remind you of a few basic rules.

Check where you connect the wallet.

Dubious sites that promise an instant airdrop of expensive NFTs or other assets will most likely just do everything to ensure that there are no valuables left in your wallet.

July 4th, 2022

Why do some people collect multimillion-dollar budgets while others throw house parties? Even if you have a lot to offer, you still risk doing projects using your savings, having sleepless nights, and refusing weekends with children. So what is the secret of event organizers who get the sponsors' money and create massive events? Read on to find out!

Money, Sponsors, and Scale Effect

Naturally, in most cases, the effect of direct advertising is much easier to see than the effect of sponsorship. But sponsorship can do what advertising can't. Sponsorship is a unique way for a company to communicate with those groups of people on which the success of a business depends: buyers, experts, opinion leaders, and even government officials. Share these unique negotiating opportunities and the sponsor will give the money to you, not the ad agencies.

Make a detailed list of all types of upcoming expenses. Calculate two budget options: the bare minimum, MVP + the maximum, and create sponsorship packages accordingly. When negotiating, remember which fees are the most important for you. Perhaps the sponsor will not agree to invest actual money but will be able to cover travel and accommodation expenses for the event participants. Having received the necessary minimum, you will be more confident in the subsequent negotiations.

June 29th, 2022

Hey, Ksenia, nice to have you here today! Tell our audience a bit about what you do in Oaziz!

I deal with operations and product management. I structure all internal processes and turn chaos into a system so that everything works and essential information is always at hand.

For the product, I figure out how to implement all the features and ideas in a user-friendly way, think over scenarios, and make mockups that Arsen turns into beautiful interfaces. And then I pass them on to development. And I'm also the landlady of our Discord :)

Why did you decide to join the project?

June 27th, 2022

This season has been very eventful for our project. So, let's start our short trip to the Oaziz DAO backstage without further interruption.


Ivica and Amar continue to work on a new fantastic product. We all know that development is hard work. But shortly we will be able to please you with excellent results. Oaziz is a mature ecosystem that is starting to take shape. And our development team is constantly working on these key elements of the future of Oaziz ecosystem. 

This season we had one more important achivement: ERC 725 standard implementation for non-transferable decentralized digital identity tokens. With ERC 725 standard, users can own and manage their identity instead of ceding ownership of identity to centralized organizations. Decentralized digital identity is a huge step ahead. All of us have seen the adverse effects of having a centralized identity, damaging leaks, and an unfair selling of user data and identity. DiD is a promising trend that will definitely be widely used in the future.

June 16th, 2022

Our lives are becoming more and more resemblant to a computer game, where every coming year new challenges emerge. No matter how the next level might look, it’s pretty obvious: nothing will stay the same. Every sphere, product or service will adapt to fit the new reality or, rather, augmented reality, along with blockchain, and machine learning. The event industry is trying to make the most of the situation seeking opportunities to offer their customers unique and technologically advanced solutions. 

In 2022, the black swan continues to hover over event organizers and does not allow them to plan for more than a month ahead. Predicting the future under such conditions is a thankless task. But we will try to think beyond the uncertainty of the current moment in order to see global trends of the event industry.

From Decentralization to Centralization and Back

Decentralization was the first trend that the event industry had to face during the pandemic. Along with large companies that produced high-end quality content, thousands of bloggers flooded YouTube, Instagram, TikTok, Discord and other digital platforms with disastrous shaking camera livestreams. The event industry displayed a similar dynamic tone with dead boring online meetups and a style of “Can u hear me? Your MIC is on mute”.

June 10th, 2022

Amar joined our team quite recently but has already made significant progress. So how did he come to Oaziz DAO? Now I will tell you.

Amar started his journey in the blockchain as a student - he is the founder of the first blockchain technology student club in Croatia. Today he has more than five years in the blockchain and crypto space.

Amar is a special award winner of an SSF (Space Systems Finland) at the Innovative Blockchain Hackathon in Prague, CZ. He is also a founder of a small digital agency. Besides that, he worked for a few SME companies on the R&D of their products. Amar is focused on developing sustainable decentralized ecosystems with a multidisciplinary approach.

I joined Oaziz DAO because the whole idea that stands behind it is very inspiring, and I see a chance of making positive improvements in the industry through it as well.

Besides not having an institution that controls everything, I also like the fact that DAO can mimic a utopian view of an organization.

June 9th, 2022

This year, the NFT industry has reached a hype peak as speculators piled into projects focused on art, sports, media, and other sectors. As a result, web searches for NFTs have skyrocketed in the past five years, boosting to the highest possible score of 100 points on Google trends from mid-to-late January 2022. By now, the number of requests has dropped significantly to approximately 50 points, the current level of BTC / Ethereum. Today, the industry capitalisation is estimated at $26.9 billion, according to Chainalysis. What's more interesting, 8% of the market is predicted to be owned by luxury brands. 

Non-fungible tokens seem to be the zeitgeist the entire Blockchain world is talking about. So, where and when did the NFT craze begin? To answer that question, let's take a quick look at its background. 

The History of NFTs

The Non-Fungible Token (NFT) technology is a blockchain game-changer in its own right. NFTs work differently from Bitcoin (and other crypto tokens) as they cannot be replaced or divided without changing the value or the nature of the digital asset itself. 

June 3rd, 2022

Let's start with the person who works magic in the technical part - Ivica Simatovic.

If you follow our news closely, you already know Ivica. He often flashes in our season reviews, and if you missed his interview for NewsBTC, here it is.

Ivica is a true veteran of the blockchain industry: he rocks more than a decade of blockchain experience and 20+ years of development experience. He has such eminent companies as Sony, Mercedes, and Telecom on his career list. He launched his first GameFi project over 10(!) years ago. Ivica is an ardent fan of decentralization, a wizard of blockchain development and a true master of his craft.

Ivica commented on his reasons to join Oaziz:

June 1st, 2022

Oaziz DAO development is moving forward slowly, but surely. Our product is getting new features, its structure is taking on new forms, and we are getting closer to reaching crucial milestones.

To keep up the old tradition, let's start with development news.


Ivica, Amar and Tony have finished up the claiming page for BlockShow NFT tickets. Completed our smart contract, as well as finished the distribution and claiming functionality. So now we can mint and distribute tickets, while users can easily claim them with their wallets. The first public event will be the branding of BlockShow tickets for the draw winners among the New Kids On the Block holders. However, NFT minting and claiming will play an essential role in our product since memberships, tickets, token distribution, and other important features will be implemented with the help of NFT. So the launch of this functionality was a significant step for us.

June 1st, 2022

Hello, my dear frens! Looks like you don't even think about how much you do for our team. Every proposal, message, and even reaction to the post is essential for us. So to diversify your chatting routine, we decided to create a new achievements and levels system! 

Long story short: community members get "Experience" for actions on our Discord. The more experience you have, the higher level you get. Start this journey with the "novice" level, and we'll see how far you can go. Score more experience to become an Oaziz Legend! 

We also added the Achievements rewards for being successful at specific actions!

Be careful because some activities have a day, week, or month time limit. Now you can check the activities you can do to accumulate more experience below!

May 31st, 2022

During the New Kids On the Block NFT sale, we announced BlockShow ticket draw among the NFT holders. Now, we finally have a list of 43 lucky winners!

Please check your email inboxes: all winners have received letters from us.

If you're the lucky one, here’s how you get your ticket:

  • Find a letter from Makersplace in your mail
  • Fill out a short Google form
  • Go to the claim page
  • Connect your Metamask wallet (your network will be changed automatically to Polygon, as it’s faster and more environment-friendly. Otto loves his Oaziz and protects it from global warming).
  • Visit our Discord and brag about how lucky you are :)
May 12th, 2022

If you’re an active crypto user, bounty hunter, or just constantly researching new projects (especially NFTs), you probably have joined dozens or maybe hundreds of servers already. There are thousands of users on these channels, and most of them come with very similar questions.

Meme by Gold | QC: CC 33/Reddit
Meme by Gold | QC: CC 33/Reddit

Don’t think the project team won’t notice your activity and contribution, though. Good projects always reward contributors, build up the community and therefore help the team. So the most contributing users can always be found under a special status.

What is OG status?

May 10th, 2022

Working on our project doesn’t stop for a single minute. Each team member works hard to perform on top and push the project towards success.

What's different about Season 4? Let's find out together!

NFT Claim

Our primary objective was to implement the interface and technical component of NFT mint on top of Oaziz DAO. The lucky winners of our BlockShow giveaway among the New Kids On the Block NFT holders will be the first to test the new feature. This is essential for Oaziz DAO, since NFT tickets are one of the critical components of the Web3 event toolbox. Ivica, Rasmus and Amar, who joined our team recently are finalizing this tool and will start testing it soon.

April 19th, 2022

Another three weeks have passed. What does it mean? New Oaziz DAO Season review is here for you!

This season was pretty intense, so let's get straight to the point!

First NFT drop

Oaziz DAO x BlockShow DAO x Yiying Lu presented New Kids On the Block collection on Makersplace. As a result, a lot of happy holders got their unique and marvelous NFTs. Also, very soon, we'll announce lucky winners who'll get tickets for an upcoming BlockShow festival. So if you're one of our NFTs holders – hold your fingers crossed and stay tuned!

April 13th, 2022

A little centipede Ottomakan and his friends found themselves in the middle of the desert, thrown away from their hometown and chased by its greedy dictator – Webtoo. 

Melting sun, strong winds, and endless sands made it really a challenge to survive, so Otto and his friends started to look for ways to adapt and survive under these challenging conditions. 

Otto, as a true leader, united his friends and encouraged them to stay strong and overcome their struggles together. They came up with the idea of building a new home without those in power, where everyone would be happy and comfortable. Now they had a dream of Oaziz – a common home and blooming oasis amid endless sands full of fun, joy, and friendly smiles, where everyone would be welcomed and desired. 

A lot of burdens fell on their way – the desert and the scorching sun did not contribute to productivity, but the biggest problem they had was not the desert. A real enemy was greedy dictator Webtoo, who didn’t want his citizens to see that there can be a better future...

April 7th, 2022

Time's flying and yet another Oaziz DAO season has passed. It was very fruitful and intense.

We've managed to:

Apply the first use case

This season Oaziz onboarded the first customer - BlockShow DAO (powered by Cointelegraph. An iconic crypto festival BlockShow transforms into a DAO, and we're proud to announce our partnership.

April 5th, 2022
New Kids On the Block - exclusive NFT collection from Oaziz DAO, BlockShow DAO and Yiying Lu
New Kids On the Block - exclusive NFT collection from Oaziz DAO, BlockShow DAO and Yiying Lu

On April 6th, the sale of New Kids On the Block starts. Mystery box buyers will get an OG status in BlockShow DAO Discord, NFTs of different rarity, and a chance to win a ticket to the next BlockShow conference.

The name of the drop is New Kids on the Block 🦙🐶😺🦄, initially playing on words - Block as the Blockchain - but New Kids On the Block (@NKOTB) also is a famous American boy band in the 80s. I just found out Mark Wahlberg @MarkWahlberg - his brother Donnie Wahlberg @DonnieWahlberg was a founding member of the New Kids on the Block, and Mark himself was briefly in that band too!

The sale will take place on the Makersplace platform in mystery box format. Everyone will be able to purchase a box.

April 4th, 2022

Oaziz DAO, Cointelegraph team, BlockShow DAO, award-winning artist Yiying Lu and others will talk about the first BlockShow NFT drop during Twitter Spaces on Wednesday.

Oaziz DAO, BlockShow DAO and award-winning artist Yiying Lu announce exclusive NFT drop
Oaziz DAO, BlockShow DAO and award-winning artist Yiying Lu announce exclusive NFT drop

Besides announcing an NFT drop during the Twitter Spaces, we'll talk about DAOs, NFTs, Metaverses and other trending topics of the Web3 world with invited guests.

Oaziz DAO, BlockShow DAO and Yiying Lu will announce the launch of a limited NFT collection - New Kids On The Block. It consists of mystery boxes with NFTs of different rarity, privileges at BlockShow and Oaziz DAOs and upcoming BlockShow festival tickets.

More information will be announced during the Twitter Spaces.

February 9th, 2022

Can you imagine an event owned and governed by the community, where attendees are the ones receiving the profits and organizers are happy with that? Now imagine thousands of community events (conferences, festivals, concerts, meet-ups etc.) just like that. And this is only a small part of the ecosystem we are building. How can something like that be possible? Let us explain below.

Get ready  —  you will find interesting ideas as well as a host of information in the article below. Ultimately, after you finish reading, you will not only understand us better but most likely share our vision and enthusiasm. Let’s go!

Our core values

Before we dive deep into the product itself, we think it’s important to share the core values of Oaziz DAO and the ideas behind the products we are building.