Oaziz DAO: Season 12 Review

Another week, another season, and more achievements from Oaziz DAO. Let's start!


As for now, Anton is working on authorization and making some preparations for our further development.

Also, we've started code review and smart contracts audit with our partners to make sure you're always safe when working with Oaziz DAO.


Ksenia and Arsen conducted 2 steps of usability testing. Thank you, frens, for taking part in it! Now we are making changes to the UI according to your feedback. The interface will be more user-friendly. Also, some significant changes are coming as we're working on a new interface style. 

Ksenia, Arsen, Anton, and Addy are grooming our product backlog to prioritize what we will do next regarding new Oaziz features. And, of course, a few drafts for you :)


In the marketing field, we started work on a big project that we'll be ready to announce in a few weeks. So, patience, my friends :). 

As you might see, we try more engaging activities on our social media. And, of course, we continue working on the next part of Otto Stories. 

Thank you for being with us! 

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